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France Four


Something that however was not a handicap for Polanski but quite the opposite since that is a strong point of the franco-Polish director, its precision, its accuracy, its microscopic form of work, noted the winner an Oscar by Malditos bastards. All this led actors to know every movement, every position, every phrase, as if it were just a play. A process that allowed them to realize that had a similar way of working, which discusses everything in every moment, highlighted Winslet, who stressed in addition something that Polanski liked him very much and is that the four actors are helped and not showed competitive at any time. A story of four characters and that is detected on the final result of this film, a co-production of Spain, France, Germany and Poland, which despite being based on the well-known text of theatre of Yasmina Reza, acquires a different dimension in the hands of Polanski and its four protagonists. Just a few changes: even more acidic and histrionic dialogues that the theatrical piece, slight variations in structure and some scenes out of the room in which everything is developed to give a little oxygen on the big screen. But, above all, a fantastic actors, who do not believe their characters, but living them. A few characters that are neither white nor black, but, as it happens in real life, are honest and false, educated and wild, sweet and abrupt.

The four protagonists are supported and argue in a film in which they are the everything and nothing. There is no large landscapes, or epic moments and great music. They are four people enclosed within four walls physical and some mental exposing the worst of themselves. Four adults who can’t solve a problem in a pessimistic story but with a ray of light, something that wanted to introduce Polanski in the work and which is the main change to the original text, as explained by Yasmina Reza. The play has just completely differently, in total desolation. But Polanski wanted something more open. For me it was difficult, but I have tried to respond to his universe, said Reza.

Because if something had clear both the co-writer and actors is that they are happy to have been involved in a project with Polanski and do whatever he wanted. If Polanski calls you for any project you do not say no, said Winslet rotunda. More fun Reilly: when Roman calls you, after you get up from the ground, you say Yes. And more delicate Waltz: I love Roman Polanski and admire him. Source of the news: Venice receives between ovations a savage God, the latest film by Roman Polanski



Good to all / as: I want to tell you something really important for everyone, what is success, feel confident of oneself, to feel that you really are someone, and serve for something. In this life there is nothing more important than the head, psychology sends in the world. A person can be the best in everything, but if not it is believed, has nothing to do, and vice versa. This is as in football, setting an example, coaches to part of working the terms tactical and physical, must work very hard psychology, good coaches, are good psychologists, which should keep the moral high to its players, created everything what they are worth. In real life, this works the same, have to believe that vouchers, and try to improve in every moment to succeed and succeed.

With all this I want to say is that there are many people who do not believe in its potential, and thus are never going to succeed, but there are also solutions and programs that serve to help us in these difficult times. And all that work is psychology, they manage to convince you and teach tactics for convercerte that you can succeed in life. I attached a link to a technical program of psychology, how to achieve success, which helped me much to gradually go triumphing in life and be sure of myself. And also the address of my blog, if you need anything, you can help, that is what is helping us to one another, so that large, multinational companies, wealthy men, we walked, or cheat on us.

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