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Data Value


Often happens that a cheap product "buries" the data value in tens or hundreds of millions. The situation is paradoxical and impossible from the standpoint of common sense, but nevertheless a simple audit "data transparency" will show the existence of this problem for 70-100% of software systems used on any enterprise. 3. Mismatch problems and information flows virtually all technical, technological and organizational challenges that can (and should) be solved with the help of information technology and computing systems, is inextricably linked to each other by information flow. Another example from the heat.

In the heat supply enterprise subscription service solves the problem of calculation with consumers, and there are data on loads of subscribers. The same data on loads are input for the calculation of the hydraulic regime in the network, which deals with The regime Service. The result of hydraulic calculation is the basis for Alignment calculation of subscribers, and is also required to calculate the normative and actual heat loss. The latter, in turn, affect the tariffs put into the account with subscribers. Circle. And such examples – countless set, both for heating systems, and for all other types of utilities. In reality, all production problems are solved in the services are completely isolated from each other. Reasons for this situation most different: from the trivial to the above-stated lack of adequate training for artists and developers to formulate and solve problems together. Such a mismatch of objectives and information flow leads to a huge overhead in the operation of software systems, and, moreover, makes it impossible to see the complete and clear picture of technology and business processes, which significantly reduces the effectiveness of production management in general.

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