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Business General Electric


It is generally known as the Screen Business General Electric, since it was initially developed to assess the business portfolio of the U.S. conglomerate, which by then had about 150 units of strategic analysis (UEA). General Electric, too UEA then had to have a clear strategic focus of each, so asked McKinsey to help set your business portfolio and decide which to invest in them and which remain outstanding. There are many variations on the McKinsey Matrix, and each order is usually the axes of different ways, but always it is a matrix of 9 cells, with one axis represents the degree of attractiveness of the market (low / medium / high), and the other the strength of a business unit (low / medium / high). The horizontal axis measures the competitive position normally a Strategic Analysis Unit, while the coordinate axis measures the profitability of the UEA.In its 9-cell are positioned several pie charts with variable size. Each represents a Strategic Analysis Unit in the portfolio of businesses. On the one hand the size of the circle represent the market size (the larger the market, the greater the circle), and on the other hand, the circle becomes a pie chart which represent the market share of the company in that UEA. The analysis is complemented with arrows coming out of the pie G fica, indicating the expected future evolution of the UEA. The McKinsey Matrix complements and enhances the Boston Consulting Group, and nearly thirty years after its invention, it remains one of the most widely used strategic tools in identifying and evaluating the activities of a company.

Balearic Islands


The beginnings of the Port of Javea go back to the fifteenth century, although its jetty and pier were created in 1871. With the passage of time, as the economy grew in nearby shops were settled first. He dominated the sale of the passes along with other products. In the late nineteenth century exports goes down and the fishing becomes increasingly important. The beauty of the port property and the historic city of the Costa Blanca excels with high-level modern buildings that meet the needs of this region who choose to live. For this reason, real estate and particularly the sale of apartments in Javea, grow steadily. Walking through its narrow streets, the houses of low height give us a feeling of complete harmony. Boats, yachts and the impressive Mediterranean, complete the scene perfect.

This neighborhood is full of stores seaman, fishermen's huts and bars, where we will be delighted with squids, chopitos, sepionets and seafood. Known Customs also the sea, the current port was built during the '50s, in order to provide an alternative to the growing tourist flow. The boats are close to the mainland, working time has been intense and abundant fishing. On the auction, an auction takes over the attention. Meanwhile, the air from the Mediterranean fills us with its freshness. A few steps we find the Church of Our Lady of Loreto. This building opened in 1967, stands out for its oval shape, imitating to be the keel of a boat.

Outside, in each column column, we see sculptures of the twelve apostles. Located in the central port and opposite the entrance, is the Marina. Geographically it is the nearest mainland point to the Balearic Islands. Landed there regularly yachts that ply the Mediterranean. This Club was founded in 1964. The place has a dock for mooring and berthing of vessels of a haul of up to four meters. The Club welcomes us with its delicious cuisine and a welcoming atmosphere throughout the year, tirelessly promoting the healthy social and sporting life. The port district, the historic and El Arenal, are the three most densely populated areas in the region. Regarding the latter, is one of the most popular because of the wealth of shops, close to the beach and fast connection to the port. The sale of apartments in Javea through real estate projects under construction, are an opportunity to acquire property in downtown areas. The Costa Blanca is a prominent tourist spot. Its beaches, its neighborhoods and its port are chosen destinations of visitors from different parts of the world and with a high purchasing power. The sale of apartments in Javea, with the sale of luxury villas and other properties, ensure in all cases highly profitable economic operations. If you share this sentiment and desire is to wake up looking fine, there is a wide range of luxury apartments and villas situated in front, a few meters from the beach. It is a impressive.

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