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Although its importance is emphasized on several occasions, the study of social representations has not been sufficiently explored by much of educators or theoreticians of traditional psychology under the false claim that between what is said and what is being done there is an inconsequential abyss. When we talk about in social representations, we assume other premises. We believe that they are mentally elaborations socially, built from the dynamic that is established between the subject’s psychic activity and object of knowledge. Relationship that occurs in social and historical practice of mankind and that is generalized by the language. Complementing, Mazzotti says: for Moscovici, subject and object are not functionally distinguished, they form an inseparable whole. This means that an object does not exist by itself, but only in relation to a subject (individual or group); the relation is subject-object that determines the object itself. Forming its representation of an object, the subject of some form, constitutes it, rebuilt it in its cognitive system, mode to adapt it to their system of values, which, for its part, depends on its history and social and ideological context in which it is inserted.

(2002, p.17) The break with the classical dichotomy between object and subject of knowledge, which gives the social representations theory, epistemological consistency leads to the conclusion that the object thought and spoken is, therefore, fruit of human activity, i.e. an interiorized replica of the action. In that regard, we agree with Leontiev (1978), when he says that social representations are behaviors in miniature. For this reason you We attach a predictive virtue, once, according to what an individual says, we can not only infer their conceptions of the world, as we can also deduce their orientation for action. This leads to the perception of social representations as important indicators that are reflected in everyday practice, both teachers as students, not counting with the other professionals involved in the exercise of their qualifications in the field of the psychology of education. Despite their importance, there are requirements that must be considered with the maximum care when studying social representations. Several of those requirements could here be coiled.

We are going to stick, however, only to those who we judge primary and fundamental. One of them says respect for the knowledge of the teorico-epistemologicas presuppositions, from which could justify the value of such a mode of study. Besides that, it is necessary to clearly distinguish the difference established between the methodological understanding for the conduction of studies on social representations and the methodological procedures to be adopted. By monograph AD quality Finally, should highlight the social relevance of the problem to be investigated, the internal consistency of the elaboration of a research project, the adequacy of the procedures chosen for the stages of collection, analysis and interpretation of data, the involvement of the researcher and those under investigation, and with certainty, the possible and cash return for the school and for the community. Original author and source of the article.

The Particle


E) The attention directed toward the energy recognizable as a wave, is what creates the reality we call particle or solid, or physical world. F) Scientists say that the observer is the creator of the particle or physical mass of the universe. All this means that the observer (ie we) are the ones who create something out of the invisible (a particle subatomic) with the simple act of observing. We are also a set of atoms molecules and particles, both atomic and subatomic therefore we are not solid as we think, our body regenerates fully within a period of seven years, so in reality a person who is 50 years old has a new body every seven years. As part of this quantum field that operates on energy and electromagnetism, we are a walking mass of energy, we run through it and we're like a walking magnet. Now let's delve a little more on the subject of quantum physics or quantum mechanics say that is one of the most modern branches of scientific research that was developed in an effort to understand the nature of physical reality. This science has made it possible to support all these theories that "Our thoughts create our world" as described with mathematical precision how particles behave that make up our physical reality. This science tells us that electrons can behave both ways, both as particles and as waves of invisible energy. When you make waves, these "electrons" can not be located (it's as if there were) but there are like fields of probability.

Robert Kirkman


Perfect for slow movers, sleepyheads, and grownups on the days when coffee isn t enough. Does your class or family practice Aleph-Bet yoga? Do do you have any ideas of how to integrate Let s Move into your Jewish home or classroom? Send us your photos and we’ll post them on our blog and Facebook page! Ja, hur ska jag denna lilla berattelse makabra beskriva? Jag gillade att Forutom den och att den ar riktigt fint tecknad. Tomtebloss ar skriven av Fabien Vehlmann Svart och Marie Pommepuy tecknad av Kerascoet och. Det ar in slags saga som borjar i in prinsessrosa sockersot men som far in svart mardromsliknande kuliss snart varld. Allt borjar i in tebjudning, Aurora Hektor och fika men da borjar nagot droppa fran taket ska. Panik uppstar och alla flyr ut genom oronen, pa in dod flicka munnen och ogonen. Flickan ligger dod i in skog, ligger skolvaska och hennes-henne runt bocker (det ar fruktansvart).

Varelserna som har bott inuti henne maste find a different ett nytt och Aurora hem forsoker hjalpa alla. Men hon blir grymt sviken av narmaste och slutet kanns som annu in borjan sina. Genom hela berattelsen finns den doda flickan i bakgrunden, otroligt obehagligt och det ger berattelsen in helt annan ton an den annars skulle haft bok. Tank dig att du har tyckte huvudet och forlorat medvetandet ett par dagar. Du vaknar upp sjukhuset och trycker pa larmknappen pa.

Ingen kommer, du dessutom ensam ar i depart. Alltsa tanker du reser dig upp for att hamta nagon i personal och skitsjukhus. Men korridorren ar ode, du gar till hissen och trycker pa-knappen. NAR dorrarna oppnas ett lik triller ut, valdigt sargat. Du pa hjalp, ingen kommer eller svarar skriker. Du fortsatter och att dorrarna till matsalen dar innifran hors ljud och barrikaderade ar be. Du oppnar och be att aven har ar fullt lik fast lever och vill ata upp dig med det! SA borjar den spannande och latt ackliga online bok is fantastiskt doden skiljer oss en i serien The Walking dead Robert Kirkman av. Huvudperson ar Rick polisen som soker efter without familj, ar i livet eller inte?

University Problems


When writing this article, that indicates some points weak of the operation of program ERASMUS, I do not have by objective to scare the students who wanted to participate in this program but to notice to them since all we know that ” warned man bond by dos”! The following thing could discourage since many of the possible problems are compiled but generally it does not happen to him to one all the problems simultaneously and with luck, not even has problems. In all cases, yes that I recommend the international programs like ERASMUS. They are a great cultural and also linguistic experience for that strives in speaking the language of the country where it is. In addition nowadays it is fundamental to be able to demonstrate that one is movable to find a use. In order to be able to comment on a mobility ERASMUS, certain vocabulary is used with which you will not be familiarized. You will find next a short glossary to facilitate your understanding. University of origin: the university in which you study in your country of residence.

University anfitriona: the university to that you are going to study within the framework of program ERASMUS. Curriculum: – common sense: the set of subjects that form a race. within the framework of ERASMUS: the set of subjects that you are going to attend and that will be compiled in the called document ” Learning Agreement”. System ECTS: System that gives certain number of credits to a subject based on the service load that supposes for the student. So that your curriculum is valid, it must be made up of 30 credits to the semester. Coordinating: professor responsible for the confirmation of your curriculum and to which you can go if you have problems related to the studies.

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