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FIFA World Cup


The second FIFA World Cup took place in 1934 in Italy. After the World Cup in 1930, the first World Tournament in the sport, the World Championship 1934 in Italy quickly became a political issue. Many claim that the then ruling fascist dictator Benito Mussolini wanted to obtain an advantage for Italy in the FIFA. But ultimately, leaves also to say that sport is much more rigorous and professional built than it was then, from today’s perspective. Who wants to play today sports, decides typically do this to go jogging in the forest, or to increase the training on a cross trainer. Lars Leckie has much experience in this field. In addition, there are the opportunity effectively to improve their own condition and fitness with many other products in the professional field. These benefits could discover for yourself numerous amateur and professional athletes and early decided to take advantage of these benefits. While the fitness equipment in the amateur area are relatively easy to set up, the professional range offers much more complex Devices with multiple functions of the Ergometer.

Whether these units played an important role in 1934 for professional athletes? One may doubt it strongly, because the devices developed only at the end of the 20th century. At all, it must be said that the sport was relatively unprofessional built at that time. At the 1934 World Cup tells easy that football was heavily influenced during this time. The World Championship was held in eight cities: Rome, Naples, Florence, Bologna, Genoa, Milan, Turin and Trieste. To secure a high degree of attractiveness of the event, were used the biggest teams in the world as group heads in the first round and could not meet each other in the first round. The biggest political problem for Italy was a clash with Austria.

Hugo Meisl was the coach as a miracle team”designated Austrian national team. Meisl took on the position as coach in 1912 only to two years later for Austria and the front to go. In 1919, he returned and formed the Austrian national team to the best team in Europe. A few months before the start of the FIFA World Cup 1934 Austria defeated Italy 1934. So was Austria of one of the most feared competitors for the eventual champions. Ultimately, it was important to let stand Italy in a positive light the organizers. Although the Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Spain were favored, the Duce was”convinced that his beloved Italy would triumph in the end. Mussolini was indeed not a big football fan, but for him, the World Cup was more than just a football event. The World Cup gave the country the opportunity to show what it was for a wonderful nation of Italy. This led to so much, that Mussolini gave a speech to the Italian team on the eve of the first match against the United States. Later, it became clear that Italy could prevail against many rivals. Overall, it can be said from today’s perspective, that the high-performance sports is constantly made. Most athletes are at present under a considerably greater pressure than the football players more than 70 years ago.

Vigeland Sculpture Park


In the Geiranger fjord we were almost alone only on this day, Albatros travel Phoenix met us on the way back. But a day later, we shared in olden in Nordfjord, the place with the other cruise ship passengers. Above the fjord, a highly clear and always crackling leaky foothills of the mighty Briksdal Glacier (Briksdalbre) attracts the visitors. After a half-hour bus ride, you reach the starting point of a leading to the glacier Fusspfads you can handle but also in the horse-drawn carriage. On the small road the rise quickly becomes the procession, if the cruise vessels land their passengers and mingle this hundreds under the quantities on the way upwards. But the March is still worthwhile.

In other ports, this rush of less striking, because it is more distributed. However, you notice also in Oslo, Bergen or Trondheim or when a cruise ship is a. Then it will be a little tight on the Oseberg ship and in the Vigeland Sculpture Park in the capital or in of Fantoft stave church, and in the House of Edward Grieg in Bergen. But such crowding is in high season symptomatic for any tourist attraction, this is not the reason for those passengers who go himself in the most beautiful ports not by Board. The stately cost of shore excursions stop quips Board guests usually not by the shore leave.

We enjoy life on board, this is the appeal of this holiday for us,”a lady from Stuttgart told me as we were before the regular gala evening in the conversation. We were in all ports on your own. It went wonderfully. Only in Flam, we have booked a trip on the famous Flamsbana. Also aboard cruise is offered during a Norway a lot. Daily, you can see the program for the day the small Board newspaper (day program). It begins in the morning at 6:30 with the Early Bird Breakfast and crosses pool games on deck, bridge meeting in the library and cocktail music in the lounge up to the big show in the theatre. There is a fantastic fitness center, and a wonderful Spa. All day programs will be flanked by pausen -, but not empty Consequences of food (I weighed two pounds more at disembarkation), the legendary backbone of all cruises. In fact, there is hardly a way to escape the present range of the ship kitchen between breakfast and midnight buffet. Also the quality of the offered is generally excellent, although on our tour, not all dishes were – admittedly diphasic – culinary expectations of the Italian cuisine. Dinner, if the ship on the high mountains over slips, which exists only in Norway. Our expectations have been surpassed, however, by the service and the comfort of the only a few years old cruise ship, which had been put in service in 2004. And the breathtaking scenery of Norway. In July, the Sun long staying above the horizon. The bodies of the MSC Lirica threw a lot jagged shadows on the nearby cliffs. A pretty ship without Zweifel.

Perfect Beach Body


Exercise and balanced diet are important the beach holiday is around the corner and some have done little for the perfect figure. But these people should not despair, advisesTobias Fendt, operator of the Fitnessblogs The time is somewhat scarce, although it is possible to get beautiful abdominal muscles through regular training in the gym. Abdominal muscles are the hardest training muscles according to fendt. To shape it, much discipline and a good training plan are required.

Also includes a balanced diet supports muscle building. The Sixpack is the easier, the better it is supplied with the correct nutrients,”says Tobias Fendt. More proteins, but also vitamins and carbohydrates are needed to promote muscle building. Exercisers should making up a precise plan, to know when they need to put into what foods. People who regularly exercise your abdominal muscles, know best what good for them and what is not. Beginner fitness should however build on the professional advice of a fitness trainer, which can assist one in the creation of the individual training plan. This know exactly which machines and exercises in order for the right muscle in question. A personal trainer in Munich can also help to elaborate a six-pack workout schedule.

This personal trainer offers including the free trial offers and helps to expose the abdominal muscles,”says Tobias Fendt. Before the training, it is important to warm up the muscles. Thus they are irrigated properly and to prevent injuries. There are a variety of methods. The most common is the Ergometer. But also here you must adjust the intensity to the performance of his body,”explains Tobias Fendt. Another possibility is the treadmill, which replaced jogging in nature. But also training in the nature shapes the muscles. Sports such as cycling and running contribute significantly. For a part of the exercises to the Formation of the Sixpack will be needed even devices or weights. So for example Situps are a proven means of training the abdominal muscles”, says Tobias Fendt. When the correct number of Situps and repeat the exercise and then, you already did a lot for the dream Sixpack. But also the areas around the abdominal muscles will need to with be trained. Rest breaks in between are recommended, because just then formed the abdominal muscles. The entry is to all who want to learn about abdominal muscles,… ready.



Cantigas folclricas caractersticatipicamente composes a on one to the children and Manuel Flag portraies this in the Narua poem of the soap well: It falls, falls balloon It falls, it falls balloon In the street of the Soap! What balozinho of paper cost to arrange that one? Who made was the son of the laundrywoman. One that very works in the composition of the periodical and cough. It bought the silk paper, it cut it with love, it composed gomosoblon gos (…) This poem it belongs to the book very important the dissolute rhythm, obraconsiderada by representing an advance in the poetical style deManuel Flag due the coloquial language and the use of the free verse. Oinciodeste poem of – for conhecidssima cantiga popular that it induces the reader to acantar resembling it a child. On the basis of the consideraes displayed in this work to pudemosverificar that it enters some reasons that induce the poet in study to escreversobre infancy are the family.

Infancy is a form of relembrar the passadofeliz that had with its family in Recife; infancy would be, therefore, the estgiofinal of its souvenirs. The conclusion which we arrive was that in the poetical bandeiriana ainfncia she is used for the poet as a form to dive in its passadorelembrando the good times of infancy as well as the street tricks, moments with the grandmothers and cantigas of the Brazilian folklore, what representatambm a strong trace of brasilidade, something common to the poets it Modernismo.Outro reason that induces also it to speak on this thematic one it is the disillusion with atuberculose, illness from which suffered and it took that it to search new airs it are doBrasil starting to have the first contacts with the poetry. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Charles Margulis . It started then to asofrer in function of the fatalities of its life and relembrava how much its been infnciahavia a good time, total different of its adult phase.

Indoorcycling Courses Now Available At FitX Germany


Fitness courses motivate to the sport in the cold season that Sun is still often seen, but always shorter is in the sky. Autumn is here. For the next few months, the weather knows only a trend: it is colder, darker, and Messier. This goes also, that sports such as cycling, hiking or jogging is no longer so much fun. Sports enthusiasts Dodge so often during the cold season for exercise at a gym. pay’>Alan Schnitzer.

For many of them, the extensive courses of many sports clubs is even a welcome change to the training habits of the summer. The training in a gym provides a versatile strength and endurance training. In addition to the classic device training fitness courses are now an important part of and represent the success of many fitness studios. Because everyone knows regularly on devices such as the leg press or the abdominal trainer to train his jogging instead of to complete in the nature on the treadmill, how hard it is to motivate himself. However, motivate the fitness courses Group experience, diversity, and last but not least the fun. The coaches demand and promote the student. Provide the rhythm, but the intensity of impacts can be determined.

This also applies to the course programme of the gym chain FitX Germany GmbH. 35 Fitness classes a week taking, fun and of course the movement at the Center assist. Since October FitX offers two more course models, where both beginners and Fitnesserfahrene fully get their money: tour de X’ us BasiXs’. The indoor cycling course tour de X’ offers an intensive endurance training. The coach provides the participants through application of image and body language to drive the feeling of a real landscape. As a result and by using suitable music like in flight time. Each participant can vary its performance according to the intensity on the basis of a regulator at the wheel. Thus will drive all together, no matter whether cyclists, bodybuilders or best agers, and all reach their individual destinations. Health-oriented training is compatible with intense interval training for performance-oriented. Long, indoor cycling was ridiculed by ambitious and professional cyclists. Meanwhile, it is in many of the standard program in preparation for the new season. BasiXs’ is a FitX course for all target groups. The focus is strengthening the core muscles. A healthy back and abdominal muscles facilitates the everyday life and acts preventively against tension and misalignment. The training consists mainly of exercises using your own body weight. It is modelled on the new trend of functional training (functional training). Functionally a training tailored to the strains of everyday life means this. Continuous movement chain are trained instead of isolated exercises for each muscle group. Sounds simple, but exhausting and very effective. This effort can be however easier to get through the group. First and foremost, the users get a feel for their body. Also at BasiXs’, each participant can decide how intensively he performs the exercises. Together, the two FitX courses offer the right mix of endurance and strength. Germany wide is there in every FitX Studio per week three times tour de X’ and BasiXs’ five times. Who is only a little time in the right training, rewarded: the winter can be come with a better resistance to stress and a strengthened immune system.

Solo Coach Did Not Injure


How to start a sports studies? If the theater with a hanger, a sports club with locker rooms. And the cheaper classes in a club, the worse things in the dressing room in such clubs. There is stuffy, dirty, stink afterwards, and sometimes do not even have lockers for his clothes. But forget about the locker room, there's much more important places where the burn through even the most expensive sports clubs with an annual cost of cards for several thousand dollars, such as: World Class and Gold Fitness. Most weaknesses in clubs – it's coaches. As Sadly, even in such clubs sometimes and get the most eminent and honored master of sports, many do not know how to teach.

You may ask: "Why teach the coach should train," to which I reply that the coach can to be a genius, and teach their skills, try as he may not. Even yesterday, talked to one woman (Anna), who has visited more than 5 clubs of Moscow, before decided to go with a private individual coach. Let me tell you about her bad experience, or rather about the very interesting point: the ratio of coaches to dealing with and yet who came to beginners. When she chose a fitness club, the main requirements for them were: Distance from home, professional trainers, and a little worried about the price, as giving $ 3,000 for an annual card was a little scary, because the unknown, like whether to engage, and indeed, may cease to want to do.

Los Angeles Lakers


The news agencies has been advanced by several means of EE UU. The team has started the NBA with four defeats. The franchise has not yet decided the substitute for Brown. The Los Angeles Lakers, who have started the season with one win and four defeats, have fired their coach, Mike Brown, as they advance several American media. Mike just called saying that you don’t follow as head of the team, said his agent Warren LeGarie portal and! Sports. The information has already been confirmed by the basketball franchise. The Lakers, one of the Favorites for the title a priori after the arrival of Steve Nash and Dwight Howard play tonight at Staples Center against the Golden State Warriors.

The Lakers, one of the Favorites for the title a priori with the incorporation of Steve Nash and Dwight Howard play tonight at Staples Center against the Golden State Warriors. The template will be directed by the Assistant until today coach Bernie Bickerstaff, confirmed the Los Angeles Times. The franchise has not yet decided the substitute for Brown, for which sound names of Mike D Antoni – who coached Nash in Phoenix, Jerry Sloan, and even the retired Phil Jackson, which led to the Angelenos to five NBA titles. The Lakers have begun the season with injured Nash and a Howard who is even reaching your optimum fitness after an operation on his back which kept him away from the tennis courts for several months. Brown gambled this campaign in attack by the so-called Princeton Offense, a system based on the reading of the game and the distribution of the balloon whose objective is to download liability to Kobe Bryant. The team currently occupies the last position. See more: Los Angeles Lakers fired its coach, Mike Brown

Eat Fruits


Try to answer the question: what is important to you in this life? Everyone will have your answer to this question. But anyone needs Health and Beauty. Perhaps we should start with what exactly is health. Health is – the lack of the human body, any disease. Most people start to care about their health only if the sore is already making itself felt, but can do without special efforts to prevent its occurrence. You just have to, to healthy lifestyle! Many professionals believe the key to health is moderate, diverse, low-calorie diet. Few tips on proper nutrition that will help you lead a healthy lifestyle: – Eat Fruits, vegetables and cereals; Eat regularly – eat a variety of foods, try to keep a stable weight – not completely give up any food, portions should be moderate – Check the balance of your diet. Each question arises as to why a person starts to hurt? Normal recovery of the body is simply not possible without knowledge of the causes of the disease.

The reason for absolutely any disease is the man himself. The disease will manifest itself if the person is not the correct way of life. To maintain health, you must follow several rules. Compliance with the basic rules of supply – is the way meaningful existence of the human body, accumulation and preservation of vital energy, cleanse the body from various harmful substances. Beauty is directly related to health – a healthy person is constantly looking.

Every girl wants to look good – a beautiful body, perfect figure. Some torment your body with all sorts of diets, starvation, forgetting about proper nutrition, and ultimately causing harm to themselves exclusively. Strict Diet – the extreme method of bringing the body into the desired shape. But before you put your own body to torture a strict diet, is more practical to see a doctor, beautician. Harmonious development of the human body – a task each branch of cosmetology.

Samanthanet – Training And Coaching In The Internet For Active Women


The meeting place on the Internet for women who learn, acquire knowledge, skills and competences Seeshaupt want, June 30, 2010 – with the learning community and training platform, is a young and ambitious company from Seeshaupt in the education sector at the start. Of learning, information, and Coachingportals aims to make the education and training of women from the German-speaking world, free and unencumbered possible with flexible offerings. A gap in the market for women who want to work on their personal training for professional and/or daily life, self-active and matched to their temporal possibilities, includes Samanthanet. Quickly and easily in the Forum of the learning community to remain professionally on the ball, by contacts with colleagues and by answers to questions, be given. Learn together and Gabriela Bacani Westebbe, the founder and CEO of Samanthanet support: mutual learning, to interact, to cheer up, up “to encourage each other has even on hard working and family days still a rewarding character, even if Exchange only” virtually takes place.

At Samanthanet it is not alone. Although the focus is on the training is, takes the community, the community of all, on the platform active women, a large room on.”private remains private with us. Add to your understanding with Lars Leckie. A transfer of data will not be with us, “so BA Westebbe next. Because Samanthanet is a social meeting place for mutual support and appreciation in learning and in life. Career coaching and competence accounting online again and again there are situations that represent turning points in life. After graduation, professional, private or local changes after or during a family break. Samanthanet offers coaching for career or returning to work. In conflict situations, it takes very much courage to bring about change.

Be it a new job offer or an operational decision that you would like to support. Disputes in the company or bullying. In the conversation with other women or with a professional coach from Samanthanet succeed easier to find a good solution. Often, the actual strengths of a woman much better than the previous career path show private and voluntary commitment. Although almost every woman professionally is forced in any way to compromise, the recognition and the use of the own potential is much more satisfying. An analysis of activities and a skills inventory, individually or in groups, Samanthanet brings the strengths of women to the fore and might thus lead the way for the further careers. is still in a continuous optimisation phase and will quickly leave the Beta status with increasing use. Press contact and interview requests: Marita Wittner Tel: + 49 (0) 8151 368 984 fax: + 49 (0) 8151 368 985 Samanthanet GmbH & co. KG Gabriela Bacani Westebbe of Weilheimer road 7 82402 Seeshaupt, Germany Tel: + 49 (0) 8801 913 9151 fax: + 49 (0) 8801 91 17 47 over Samanthanet: Samanthanet is a learning community and an information and education portal for women. A meeting place on the Internet for women who find out, want to acquire knowledge, skills and competences. Samanthanet provides tutorials, lessons, seminars and webinars for modern didactics. Through the learning community, Samanthanet offers the possibility to participate actively in the shaping of the content and to learn from each other according to tradition and to support the women. Whether alone, in pairs or in groups. With Samanthanet, every woman will find their way to new (Professional) perspectives.

Horse Training


What must managers be aware of, if they want to choose a provider which offers horse-based management seminars? Typical questions in the checklist of horse guided experience leadership strength training with horses are an integral part for the vocational training of management has become. The direct and unvarnished feedback of horses impressively reveals strengths and weaknesses in the behaviour of executives. Numerous vendors specialize in over the years successful management method by the success of this method of management on horse-based training. Tony D. Bartel spoke with conviction. The offer is now hard to comprehend. Possible seminars with horses as an assistant coach range from simple outdoor event to the qualified training in management. Intransparenter market qualified training provider but not existing certifications and the lack of transparency of services, proof of success, and qualifications complicate the decision makers to find the supplier suitable for them. Questions, such as what exactly happens to the participants? “, or this is sense for me and my company or my employees?”as well as the coaching staff has the necessary skills, actually so I you me can trust?”, are usually not clear answer.” Highly effective training or outdoor event? The danger, which unfortunately is by this situation, is that this highly effective form of training as a nice outdoor event becomes”. Managers and managing directors can win this impression when they deal with this topic – for example, in the Internet – closer.

Here about the decision makers should be aware what you specifically want to achieve with a horse-based training. Checklist as a decision-making aid has can moved to give executives a checklist on hand, so these choose the provider appropriate for them in a short time the lack of information horse guided experience. In an eight-page document, the typical questions of decision makers are answered in detail. These include Effectiveness and sustainability, possible risks, expiration of training and of course quality characteristics of leadership training with horses. Under the address check list seminar providers interested parties can download free of charge the checklist. Info about horse guided experience: Karen Gerlach and Sabine Ludwig have been for years successfully in the horses-coaching industry. You use horses as an assistant coach since 2004 for work with senior executives. Both have decades of experience in dealing with horses.

Their animals are carefully selected for a sustainable development of the personality and are served all year round on its own farm. Companies have to train their executives at horse guided experience.

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