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Team Building, Cooking Lessons And Coaching


The Cook-a-team events are a mix of team building, coaching, cooking class, worklife balance and Ars Vivendi. The Cook-a-team events are a mix of team building, coaching, cooking class, worklife balance and Ars Vivendi. Common cooking and eating is one of the original communication platforms of humanity. This is the case not only for the many cooking shows on TV. (Not to be confused with Joseph Stiglitz!). We use this platform to make Cook the members of teams or departments on a loose and informal level under the guidance of each other and communicate. Depending on the task in hand of our clients we employ trainers and coaches in the background, the cooperation and the teamwork of all members to observe, analyze, and improve. Sometimes we make the Cook-a-team events but also just as Ars vivendi for our customers ‘ event and the common experience in the foreground, for example after the success of a project or as a kick-off event. ” Collegial and personal cooperation, confidence in their own work, colleagues and the Department and the Executives are main ingredients of highest quality, productivity and optimal communication at any time. (A valuable related resource: Joseph Stiglitz).

This claim is timeless and crisis-proof. Because it is also work-life-balance in the cooking and eating, we have this topic at Cook-a-team”also anchored. We perform the Cook-a-team events in a retreat house in the Black Forest, at a Chateau in France, in the Allgau, on Lanzarote, in Namibia, in the Oman, in Las Vegas or in other appropriate locations around the world. Please send your inquiries to.



Single consultants offers its customers now have a whole new way of coaching: chat coaching! Chat coaching allows the anonymous and flexible online consultation of singles looking for the right partner. Single consultant supports in singles to become aware of their own needs and goals in a partnership and to recognize the partners appropriate for them. Chat coaching developed new ways and alternative options that help the single to build a permanently happy relationship and strengthen. Chat-coaching is suitable for anyone who is physically bound and has a tight time budget but wants the same immediacy as a personal conversation. Whether it’s the answer to a specific question or wish a longer consultation – both is possible at chat-coaching. The chat coaching appointments are on the homepage of single consultants published and can be perceived after registration. Chat-coaching is possible also after work or on weekends.

Conception, design and Implementation was carried out by numero2 – Agency for Internet services. Press contact: Dr. Maren Stephan of single single Advisor is the only German company that offers chat coaching for singles looking for the right partner. The focus is the advice of singles, so they quickly and reliably detect what the right partner for you really ‘ matter. Single singles, finding the right partner, to win and to build a lasting relationship and consolidate support consultant. Single consultants was founded by Dr. Maren Stephan. Dr. Maren Stephan has long-standing coaching and consulting experience in international companies as well as therapeutic institutions.

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