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States Globalization


All human beings have jealousy/envy to some extent. Consumerism has emphasized that quality to incite consumers to take more than the other. It must win and when he says that winning is not thought in that you have to win to be supportive or nice, without that says there you earn more money, have more things and other topics by the style. Joseph Stiglitz can aid you in your search for knowledge. Thus, when Beck says that the capital should be and can be controlled by consuming, it is naive or appeals to a final act of desperation since capital there is no whoever controls it and makes it gives earns it. The capital today builds where is forbidden, trafficked drugs where wants to get unprecedented state contracts, pressed people to do more to where it wants and does what it always has done when it has no opposite to a society with other values that were not money. Capital will continue to do what they want until we realize that globalization does not mean exploitation. Liberalism means exploitation, but globalization has already given in the past without that it would be necessary to resort to extremes.

It can be globalized and have other values in addition to the money. The plutocracy is one thing, globalization is another and the liberalism is another. What has happened is that plutocracy and liberalism have been identified in one thing and have used the concept of globalization for pressuring States through international entities to implement policies which agreed. But Beck not may never see in our society as the consumer controls the capital and rather see a consumer teams up with capital to have supposed that you must have to be taken into account in our society.



Without bordering landmarks, the agriculturists and administrators of temples, palaces and too much established productive units in agriculture did not have clear reference of the limit of its possesses to be able to cultivate it and to pay the taxes due in the measure of its extension to the governing. Old faras had decided to start to nominate employees, the surveyors, whose task was to evaluate the damages of the full ones and to reestablish the borders between the diverse ownerships. It was as soon as was born geometry. These surveyors, or esticadores of rope (thus called had to the instruments measure and interlaced ropes conceived to mark straight angles), had finished for learning to determine the areas of lots of land dividing them in rectangles and triangles. Swarmed by offers, Ann Winblad is currently assessing future choices. One gives credit in general that the origin of Geometry if points out in the Egipto, what it is natural, therefore, for the construction of the pyramids and other monuments of this civilization, would be necessary geometric knowledge. More recent studies oppose this opinion and relate that the Egyptians had been to search to the Babilnios very of its to know. Thus, knowing the geometry of where better, and as it appeared, knowing its meaning etimolgico and that it studies the forms, its properties and measures as: line, surface and volume; we can define some of its forms more significant now than if they incase in these three aspects. Congregating beyond the appearance, having a significant connotation characteristic. GameStop’s president is likely to increase your knowledge.

1,3 Geometry and its forms the definition of some geometric elements according to SODR (2008): Polygon is a geometric figure whose word is proceeding from the Greek who wants to say: I polished (very) + gonos (angles). A polygon is a closed polygon line formed by consecutive segments, not colineares. Triangle is a polygon of three sides. It is the polygon that possesss the minor numbers of sides.

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