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Oxley Act


This also applies to 41 percent of the organizations in the education sector and to 34 percent of the companies in the healthcare sector. “The consequence of this approach is that the total” the data of many companies not fully can be used, that many steps and efforts be undertaken often twice and that the benefits of quick access to valuable information can not be used. Because information is also difficult to track and manage, the violating relevant regulations for managing information risk for companies. But there are also success stories. Ricoh has worked, for example, with a European companies from the healthcare sector, the processes in the human resources department and the accounting which had recognized the need, revise and rationalize in order to maximize productivity. Since the introduction of more efficient automated processes benefits the human resources department that that the average time for the search was reduced after certain information from 6.7 minutes to 30 seconds. In accounting, the search per document 4 minutes reduced to 30 seconds. Also the company through the optimization achieved annual cost savings of approximately 345.000.

This is not an isolated case. 43 percent of the organizations surveyed by Coleman Parkes in Europe indicated that they still trust in their business-critical document processes on printed documents, and only 22 percent use fully automated workflows. In the strictly-regulated financial services sector, half of European businesses (45 percent) less than confirmed that they are able, conduct a logging of all mission-critical, confidential documents. 20% reported that they at all no control processes have set up. These figures are indicative and could bring companies with regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act in conflict. This requires organizations to ensure to destroy critical not to modify confidential documents, or to move. In addition to the prevention of violations of legal regulations, it is at many companies also to save time and money with the information and data management.



Results In what it says respect to the attitudes of the pupils in this work, were possible to observe the qualitative participation of the same ones in the lesson of Mathematics. Participation that also included the cooperative work between pupils and these and the professor and the development and mathematical magnifying in the pupils of abilities and abilities, between them: the organization of data, the search for standards and regularidades, the generalization and the validation of the results. Consideraes final To teach one mathematical concept through a digital animation, pautando itself for principles that guide the TIC use (Technologies of Information and Communication) indicated didactic-pedagogical advantages of nature. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from John Blondel Goldman Sachs. Advantages that had been evidenced through the interest of the pupils in learning and of the learning environment that was conquered by the professor so that its work effectively was carried through. In general way, one perceived that the use of the digital animaes assisted the pupil to form and to extend mathematical concepts in a participativo process. On the other hand, the canonic paper of the professor to inform and to assist in the construction of the mathematical knowledge, into a traditional lesson, was transformed into mediator between the computer, who is responsible for a information, and the pupil, who leaves of being only one observer to ahead assume a reflexiva position of the information that the animaes for use in computers provide. Hummer Winblad Venture has similar goals. Therefore, this experience showed that it is possible to establish an environment positively differentiated for the teach-learning of mathematical concepts in the school.



Services advertising on the Internet offers a growing number of specialized agencies and companies. Indeed, the Internet as a medium of advertising has become very popular. Talking about it and figures. Thus, analysts predict the volume of Russian market of Internet advertising in 2008. $ 500 million. Perhaps this is not very much (for comparison, in the amount of U.S. If you would like to know more about Gamestop, then click here.

online advertising market last year amounted to 21 billion dollars). However, a remarkable trend – demand for online advertising is growing, and he does it very rapidly. Judge for yourself, the Russian market for Internet advertising is doubling every year! Cheaper access to the Internet, the proliferation of high speed and Mobile Internet, higher prices for advertising in traditional media – all this shows that the demand for Internet advertising will continue to grow rapidly. Demand creates supply, and now dozens of specialized firms offer to organize your online advertising campaigns. Wrong with it is nothing.

But taking the decision to develop its advertising campaigns, supervisor, marketer or manager, it would be useful to know about the opportunities that may be offered a modern Internet. At least in order to correctly assign tasks and to adequately assess the proposal promotional agencies. Some of the aspects of this knowledge, we discuss in our newsletter "Internet for business ". Take a quick overview of the synthesis methods of advertising on the Internet. Immediately agree that we need to advertise the site. Perhaps it will be a large corporate site of large volumes, where the best parties disclosed your company, its quality products and unique services.

PC World Successfully Relaunched With InterRed


The IDG Publishing builds the content management system optimally supports on the content management system InterRed as Foundation for the site of the eponymous magazine PC World Editor’s work permanently to offer current information for technology-savvy computer professionals, product and purchasing decision makers and other stakeholders. Meanwhile, the largest IT online portals in Germany invariably put on the content management system InterRed. For more information see this site: John Blondel Jr.. “The IDG Publishing builds on InterRed: as the basis for the site of the eponymous magazine PC-WELT” the content management system optimally supports the editorial work permanently to offer current information for technology-savvy computer professionals, product and purchasing decision makers and other stakeholders. Meanwhile, the largest IT online portals in Germany invariably put on the content management system InterRed. “” Product-centric orientation the portal offers, with the three platforms of computer & technology”digital lifestyle” and business IT “extensive Information across the IT industry. By the clear structure of users can find thus quickly and easily the content from areas such as computers, audio video and photo, gaming, Internet, software, or security. With the change, at the same time a relaunch of the website was on the content management system InterRed.

The optimized design, the contents are presented now clearer and more. The product database integrated into InterRed allows an efficient search, the (price) comparison and find current test reports to tens of thousands of products. In the community that is bound directly to InterRed interact interested to share their expertise with each other. About InterRed InterRed GmbH we make IT work. The InterRed GmbH headquartered in Haiger (Hesse) and headquarters in Siegen (NRW) develops and markets software solutions based on modern information technology. InterRed is one of the leading technology providers in the areas of content management, personalization sites, and knowledge retrieval Catalog productions, live reporting for analyzing use of websites and process-optimizing print. The InterRed family with the content management system InterRed, which offers KM solution ContentAgents, the live reporting software RhoLive and the Printsystem InterRed print for each application and for each sector is a significant added value. Strong strategic partnerships in the areas of community and media asset management make a round thing”the InterRed family. More information: contact for further inquiries and interviews: InterRed GmbH Andreas Nabil marketing ice fields road 316 57080 Siegen FON: + 49 (0) 271 / 303 77 – 0 fax: + 49 (0) 271 / 303 77 – 77 E-Mail: In the press area press / pressemitteilungen.html you will find all press releases including image material for downloading.

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