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Cheap Houses On The Canadian Technology


In reality, each with any salary, you must have owned your home only to him. And if something very desirable, then just get, the more that modern construction methods make it possible to build very warm, cozy, comfortable and economical home to unexpectedly low price. Just such a frame house – an inexpensive and comfortable as further operation and construction. A modern frame house is on really reliable, and will last a very long time, if done correctly. Frame house – design features of C of the first half of the 20th century in America and Canada are going to frame houses using Canadian technology. Quite Many of these houses until now regularly serve owners. The most important guarantor of safety in its original form and fitness of wooden materials is to protect it from moisture. Modern technology and materials allow to solve this problem radically, providing a long life of almost any wireframe house.

Prefabricated houses constructed without deviating from the Canadian technology, built quickly and easily. In the presence of well- developed a set of construction documents – must be no more than two – three months. For the erection of such buildings do not need large equipment, which can cause serious losses allocated to the construction site. A draft of such a building consists of a wooden core, is a scheme of racks and studs horizontally, insulation, and oriented chipboard OSB-3. Within and from the front of the house rose different panels that offer excellent lapped joints and almost smooth walls. Features homes Modern frame technology materials with thermo insulating properties make it possible to build wood frame houses that store heat in the cold season and cool during the warm period is much better constructed of brick or other material. These materials possess, including fire resistant quality – with one layer of gypsum plasterboard, they can withstand fire for nearly an hour with only one layer of gypsum plasterboard.

In addition, a wooden frame house is much easier to others, which makes it possible to reduce costs by laying the foundation. On such technology can be built summer cottages, country house hotel to stay in all seasons, a temporary office container frame or bath. It is also possible extension to the house that was built from the not- materials and on the excellent principle. You just need to pre-fabricated homes from sandwich panels, because the whole process will be easy without the high cost. Only required to pay the specialists of the construction company to task drafting of a future home.

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