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Russian Avant


It seems Now he will become a museum. This is largely, if not all, merit Gordeeva, who acted as a savior of Soviet architecture. 'I've already spent $ 4 million on the house Melnikov – Gordeev said. – I really want to preserve it properly, but the government has no money for it. I like how things are in America, where the protection of monuments has the support of private institutions. This is a good example for Russia, where many lives rich people. " Last year, Gordeev bought on the outskirts of Moscow factory workers' club 'Petrel' is another notable work Melnikov.

Gordeev founded the fund 'Russian Avant-Garde', which protects the architectural innovations, publishes books on Russian architecture as well as working for the protection and restoration of monuments of the Soviet era. He recently acquired the archives of architects and Ivan Leonidov Alexei Shchusev, which is scheduled to open to researchers. Gordeev, introduced in the Russian parliament a bill on which the architectural monuments of the city should remove the ads. (Recently the project was approved by the upper House of Parliament and is now enrolled at the bottom.) Gordeev engaged in a number of projects that may seem, that in his hands is the greatest legacy of the XX century modernism. While defenders of antiquity, especially fearing Gordeeva now laud him, privately, they express a certain anxiety. On the question of how he became interested in architecture, Gordeev said, rather vaguely. When in early 1990 the borders were opened to the West, says Gordeev, he spent two years traveling in Europe, where, in his own words, fell in love with Gothic churches.

Jorg Laubrinus


New design of the speakers-newsletter + website Weissenhorn / Neu-Ulm – in the current issue of the newly designed newsletter Abele speakers agency you will find among other things the entrepreneurs and extreme sportsman Joey Kelly. He speaks on topics such as motivation and achievement. After 2.5 years of successful establishment of Agency Gets a new design”of the newsletter as well as the reference side of speakers agency Abele’s homepage. Additional information is available at Linux. The Agency matures and grows and with it the subscriber number of newsletter recipients. As we reach the magic number of 1,000 shortly we have decided to give a new face to the design of the newsletter.

With the new medium, Anita informs Abele your customers, speakers and those interested not only about new speakers and seminar leaders. Furthermore, the newsletter contains information about current events, book information and primarily practical advice about selling entrepreneurs”. In the current issue, see for example: Joey Kelly: the entrepreneur and extreme athletes on the subject of motivation. His world is the stage far away he does incredible sporting performance. The sportsman, musician and Manager describes his adventures as well as the personal, evocative way of life in his lectures with many incredible photos and clips. The happiness researcher Simone Lacey: You speaks at conferences, master lectures at different universities and is a like to frequent guest expert round again and again. Simone Lacey belongs to a group of happiness researchers will also include Dr.

Eckart von Hirschhausen. .. the sales expert of Jorg Laubrinus: Jorg Laubrinus moves! The sales expert is a proponent of clear words. He understands like few others his audience to shake up it, to tear it with and to embrace his message. “He gives:-clarity, why it is so, knowing what to do is the will, how and by whom – do as it is – sure the target resulting in reference page on the website new”: the redesigned reference page of the website is customer friendly to sign quickly a first To be able to make the impression of the speaker Agency. See also the customer contact of the event next to the logo. Then, learn in personal lines customer with our agency performance was how satisfied / is. The reference profile is rounded off by 2-3 pictures of the event. Get inspired by new ideas of speakers! We are pleased about every new Subscriber.

Nils Brennecke Agency


The cellar + Brennecke advertising agency refers to full-service advertising agency basement leading its new production building in the North of Baden-Wurttemberg and Wurzburg room + Brennecke moved into its new headquarters in Tauberbischofsheim, Germany directly above the hospital in the Albert-Schweitzer-Strasse 41. All setting has the 20-person agency with its own industrial film production, the TV Studio with green box as well as a 100 m Photo Studio. Under, the successful company already operates a private recording studio, in the telephone queues for the Wartefall and radio spots will be produced for ten years. On 800 square meters has administrative and manufacturing area basement + Brennecke the cutting-edge in the sprawling region companies directly above the hospital building: heat pump, triple glazing, underfloor heating, air conditioning with heat recovery, as well as the exclusive use of LED lights set standards. Diplom-Betriebswirt (FH) Michael Keller and Nils Brennecke have their agency at the beginning founded in 2001 with only three employees. The two-storey, bright and in vital wooden stands built Agency building had become necessary to accommodate the expansion, as well as the demanding jobs.

“Even if the site Tauberbischofsheim, Germany for an advertising agency Atypically is, do we have nevertheless opted for the preservation of the headquarters here”, so the two managing directors in unison. Their full service agency has focused on the middle class. Capital goods industry and the craft be as supplies such as trade and services sector with creative and innovative solutions. The customers come mainly from Baden-Wurttemberg, Bavaria and Hesse. The company employs media designers, Web developers, photographers, cameramen and an own sales team for customer contact.

Internet Presence


New registration service on the Internet – we make known! Online marketing service provider Agency for new media – Arno Balzer from Monchengladbach goes online with new Internet registration service. In cooperation with “SW-media design”, the website of the Agency for new media was completely relaunched. With clear and user-friendly design, the Agency for new media immediately presents itself on the Internet. The website reflects the diversity of the services due to the transparent and clear structure. Joseph Stiglitz often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The service orientation of the Agency for new media is reflected also in their new website.

The Agency for new media is an online marketing and direct marketing service providers with new special registration service. The publication of press releases, company news, product news sweepstakes, contests, surveys vacancies, apprenticeships internships online shops, shopping portals on the corresponding German-language portals. Targeted publications, make your company attention, bring new visitors to your Web site and provide for an increase in their market position in the network. The Agency works for companies of all sectors, recruiters, online shop operators, authorities and associations – mainly from Germany, Austria and the Switzerland.

Sascha Babel Model


Anyone who ever wanted to know whether he even has a chance in the model industry, now receives some honest feedback from a true expert of the model. Published on the Facebook page “Models, yes or no?”, Sascha assesses participants Babel, then user for their favorite vote expect what exciting prices. Munich – there are plenty of pretty boys and girls out there, but make them automatically to a model? They get on the new Facebook fan page, models, or no? yes”easily a response. Because the principle it is simple a possible natural picture of yourself to model expert Sascha sends Babel by viviennemodels, whereupon this published a brief assessment of the potential of the model, including an honest assessment along with the photo. It is now up to the community, to assess the pictures with likes or to express their personal opinion. So it comes to exciting discussions among the users, because tastes are We know differently.

Who is brave and submits his image, could soon with the title of model of the month”will be rewarded. In addition to this honor, there are also great prizes to be won. In November the winner receives not only the brand new model Advisor from Sascha Babel top model are”, but also an exclusive photo shoot for the luxury shop Not only that but each model of the month has the chance at the Grand Prize: a modeling contract in Sascha Babels renowned agency viviennemodels. Thus, the way into the modeling career for the new face should be levelled. “Of course one must be aware, that there is also a NO” can occur, which often go to but also in the model world. Nevertheless always something can even constructive criticism learn and maybe improve. Take personally the participants should not it anyway.

Often, the problem is just with the sent pictures, which are already quite processed or too little meaningful. This makes it for the Model agents sometimes hard to admit a comprehensive feedback can. Sascha judged Babel by viviennemodels who is always on the lookout for new faces, participants honestly, without them to promise something, what they can never achieve. He uses his years of experience in the industry, thereby assessing the opportunities in the fields of fashion, beauty, commercial, show and lingerie, as well as the potential market. Curious guys and gals that have the dream to be a model, can benefit from his tips that he has now also exclusively held in his model Advisor, in any case.

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