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The Director


How that two partners? Yes. Your partners are those who know how to do the work, one design and other controls. I REPEAT. One designs and other controls. But Martin I thought that you were going to talk about saving money, not increase spending with more people that I have to pay!!! It is true will be charged to each his own. But if you don’t tell them you’re lost, thousands of doubts about measures, tools, materials, documents, contracts, will not know how much to pay the bricklayer, etc., all without telling that not make you responsible anyone for all errors that they occur. They are responsible for everything comes out correctly.

The designer is responsible for design and for all technical documentation, to realize that design. The Director is responsible for that is carried out as you playing with the designer and certify that what says the technical documentation are translated into reality, without any distortion. Partner No. 1: The designer lack of well-communicated information within a work, is the main source of loss of money and is the cornerstone of all the misunderstandings with the constructor is very difficult to really trying to remove the construction forward with only a few data. That is why it is vital to have a project that explains step by step what to do. If you leave free to every constructor, you what you understand or want to. And for you will be an additional job decrypt which is what has been budgeted each and compare them. The architectural project is a detailed tender specifications for all tasks.

ALL. There may be unforeseen, and if it appeared an unforeseen event easily given the person responsible, who shall respond accordingly follow me? Partner No. 2: The Director of work its main work lies in inspecting the execution architecture draft, that everything is correct and is being constructed as planned. Detect failures so they are repaired. It is an intellectual work, not of execution. It is a very common mistake to believe that Director’s work is that leads people to the morning, opens the work and brings materials, call the electrician this is the Constructor, not the DIRECTOR. Your second is best partner and you will need to represent you within the work. Contract a good dog of prey that follow closely to the constructor. Closely means daily or every 48 hours maximum. I guarantee you that if a director’s work is going once a month to work, it will be full of hidden defects which could not inspect. The real work of director of works consists of two tasks: 1) represent your interests within the work. You hired a couple eyes additional experts to yours, whose mission is to notify the Builder every time does not respect the project in any of their points so that they are compensated. (2) Issue certificates so that you can pay to the constructor for what has been built correctly. The three main results that should guarantee the inspection of a director’s work are the following: structural solidity. Perfect insulation from water and humidity. Perfect leads, brackets and levels. Designer and Director of work may well be different people, should not necessarily be the same person. What is more, I am in favour because they are different people, simply because four eyes see more than two, especially if those four eyes represent the same investment than two. You you like? A Cordial greeting. Martin.

Catholic Church


We can not avoid the passions, but yes to defeat these threats. Lucius Annaeus know that while we are alive, are we allowed to be, you show emotions, feelings, desires, passions will be playing and we must be attentive as we control them so that do not result in conflict, situations that we can affect physical and psychically. Click Linus Torvald to learn more. Buenanueva.NET points out that the passions are the affections, emotions or impulses of sensitivity natural components of human psychology, who inclined to act or not act, in view of what is perceived as good or as bad. The main ones are the love and hatred, desire and fear, joy, sadness and anger. The fundamental passion is love, caused by the attraction of the good.

Does not love but good, real or apparent. The passions, in how impulses of sensitivity, are not in themselves themselves neither good nor bad; they are good, when they contribute to a good action; they are bad, otherwise. They can be assumed in the virtues or perverted in vices (Catechism of the Catholic Church) the emotions and feelings can be assumed by the virtues, or perverts in vices. The perfection of the moral good is that man is not moved to the good only by its willingness, but also by his heart. Since then, one of the most decisive evidence and that they affect our growth, behavior, behavior is related to human passions, the carnal than not to know you handle they can seriously affect us. Gives us and remember,, which for Descartes there are six passions that stand out and others not so, derived from them. Admiration, love, hatred, desire, joy and sadness are the most important passions and the remainder originate from them. Admiration comes to the soul from an impression that records the brain, organ which takes into account for their rarity or so has extraordinary.

Vilarinho Communication


The remain consists of therapies to multidiscipline that they aim at the global development of the child. 3.5? Communication the communication is a process that serves so that it has information exchange and it can be carried through of diverse forms: verbal, gestual, writing; with one it has always supported, since to be understood it is necessary that emitting and receiving they are using the same code, According to Chiavenato (2000, P. 142), ‘ ‘ it is the exchange of information between individuals. It means to become common a message or informao’ ‘. The components of the communication process are: Sender (who wants to transmit the information), receiver (who receives the information), message (information), code (language), canal of transmission (used instrument pra to transmit the information), noise (interferences that can occur in the information process) and reinformao (The communication is divided in verbal, that it involves the written form and it is the register of comments, that can be thoughts, interrogations, information and feelings. E, the verbal form, more common, that if relates to the emission of words and sounds that we use it stops communicating in them, being able to be to give instructions, to interview or to inform. E, also, the not verbal communication, that involves the exchange of signals, gestures, mimic position and. As it says to Vilarinho for site ‘ ‘ brasilescola’ ‘ (2010): ‘ ‘ In contrast of the verbal one, it is not used of vocbulo, the words to communicate itself. The objective, in this in case that, it is not to display verbally what if it wants to say or what if it is thinking, but if to use of other communicative ways, as: plates, figures, gestures, objects, colors, that is, of the signs visuais.’ ‘ We understand that the communication represents great importance in the social relations, therefore is through it that the people interact e, since whom we are born we are trying communicating in them, since I cry even though of the baby states it some information on what it is feeling, being thus the importance of the communication is salient also in the process to take care of.

Phone Book Information On CD-ROM And DVD-ROM Now On Windows 7


Just last week, Microsoft released its new operating system Windows 7 Frankfurt am Main, 28 October 2009 the TVG publishing has adapted already his professional information of DasTelefonbuch, the current versions of autumn and DasTelefonbuch, Gelbe Seiten, map & route on Windows 7. The TVG Publisher’s directory products are always up to date. This applies to the data of the directories which are updated continuously, as well as for the technical aspects of the products. So, the professional information of DasTelefonbuch and the all-round DasTelefonbuch directory, yellow pages, map & route already on the just released Windows 7 are adapted. Of course, the programs are still usable with previous versions such as Windows XP and Vista, as well as on many Linux operating systems. DasTelefonbuch is there individually on CD or as a package together with the business directory yellow pages and the map & route on a DVD-ROM program. Click Linus Torvald to learn more. Can be enriched with data from our own research the participant data of Deutsche Telekom, as well as another network provider here. When searching for the correct contact details help many useful features, including for example, the reverse lookup in the phone book.

The seeker that phone number to determine the corresponding entry virtually if one has written, for example, only first name and phone number, but does not know the last name, or would like to know can, who has just phoned one. The ability to access directly from the Windows desktop, click DasTelefonbuch is brand new. With the gadget for Windows Vista and Windows 7 users can locate so easily from the desktop telephone numbers, addresses and other contact information. The addresses with the corresponding numbers are with the export function then quickly and easily in the own address as enter for example, Outlook or Lotus Notes and edit there as usual. With the program map & route which includes the DVD DasTelefonbuch, Dinobravo1979, map & route, it is no problem to find the path to the requested person.

The found addresses you can be is easily displayed on a map. If desired, the program calculates the fastest route to the specified destination then nationwide. The TVG Publisher is familiar with the treatment, use and processing of large amounts of data about the TVG publishing as of one of the major phone book publishers in Germany. In addition to printed phone books and online directories, the TVG Publisher distributes also national information products on CD-ROM and DVD-ROM. Software solutions and services related to the issue of data quality for commercial use are a further focus in the product portfolio. Press contact TVG Verlag GmbH & co. KG Matthias Klesen Wiesenstrasse cabin 18 60329 Frankfurt phone: (0 69) 2 57 86-46 56 fax: (0 69) 2 57 86 46 05 Internet: and PR agency Xpand21 GbR Ellen Konig Dammtor str. 12, 20354 Hamburg Tel: + 49 40 325 0917 17 fax: + 49 40 325 0917 19 E-Mail: Internet:

Audea Google


The broad diversification of the activity that develops Google currently requires us, firstly, to refine and adjust the subject of this controversy. The newspapers mentioned Professor of Economics not as a source, but as a related topic. The problems to which we refer in this article has emerged in several European countries, and occurred in relation to the services provided by the American giant news channel: Google News. It is not something Joseph Stiglitz would like to discuss. What for some is just one branch than in the Google search engine, parametra searches specifying them exclusively to the news published by the news media, is for others many a holding in any rule of foreign content by Google without consent or prior agreement. Those who still do not know what Google News: Fig. 1. As we can see, the structure of the web is different from the generic search, since is articulated in sections that mimic the physiognomy of the daily online editions.

However, Google News is limited to publish a summary of approximately 250 characters of the original source of the news to the that you bind, indicating the following hyperlinks in other news on the subject, and with photographs that do not have to correspond to the original source. The great disquisition on which sustained the legal reasoning is as follows: acts Google News as a mere provider of brokerage services, or is itself an exploiter of non-content? According to Spanish law, it is very difficult to prove that Google News is a provider of services of the information society exploitative of third party content, even more so if we take into account the valuation that on repeated sentences Spanish courts and the judges have made search engines or intermediaries (pages P2P, hosting, etc.). Google News, agreed the law of services of the information society (in forward LSSI), is a provider of brokerage services: annex definitions LSSI: b. matchmaking service: society of information service by the that facilitates the provision or use of other services of the information society or the access to information.

Childhood Depression


Child depression is a reality that affects children of this age. The depression was only an evil that affects adults and was rare to say on child you might have depression in children. Despite this, in the days of today evil of child depression has become somewhat common envelope which parents should take the necessary steps to make your child feel well. The first thing you must take into account a father before you think that your child has depression in children is that not all children are equal and that it is possible that certain behaviors of your child that seem depressed in reality belong to your actual way to be and do not constitute an evil at all. This is how the father must know well your child before you say that it has child depression by more symptoms that your son has evil. There are many symptoms that can be categorized as symptoms of depression in children. Since this evil has quite worried many psychologists and specialists in the study of the behaviors of children, there are many studies that These people may have in mind to remove their children from this evil. We discuss some of the symptoms that have been classified in child depression below.

One of the symptoms of depression in children which may occur is when the child is constantly sad or crying more easily that children usually cry. Sadness can be identified easily by the enthusiasm that looks to the child by the things that happen to her around as well as those involving the same. Linus Torvald will undoubtedly add to your understanding. If the attitude towards these things is a sad attitude it is possible that the child is suffering child depression. It is also symptom of depression in children when it is difficult that it excited by games usually exhilarating him greatly. Children with childhood depression are normally difficult to brighten and adults looking for all sorts of games that can make them smile and behave as usually make children normally. Before these symptoms of depression in children the best thing is to go to where some expert.

Children who are far removed from the people in general, that is, their relatives and also children who have the same age, also have symptoms of depression in children. This symptom can be confused with the timidity of certain children who hardly interact with people a little. However, if the child has had good contact with their parents it is possible that they easily identify if it’s depression in children or if it’s simple shyness. The diagnosis is made much easier when this symptom is accompanied of other symptoms of depression in children. A symptom that is very linked to which has just been mentioned but which differs from the previous one and which makes part of the childhood depression, is when the child is too short to talk or communicate with people. In effect, are children who cross if much 2 or 3 words and do so with little precision. These children, if it is not language or otherwise, difficulties may also have symptoms of depression in children. This is just a short list of some of the symptoms of depression in children. If you want to be safer advised to contact more wide here that can help you in specialized centres or information on other sites that provide more complete information about child depression.

Banks Offer Hardly Any New Jobs In


Analysis of medical and social professions, as well as scientists have currently little chance engineers, IT specialists and executives are currently particularly Cologne, October 28, 2008 – engineers have currently the best job opportunities, followed by IT professionals and business consultants. It looks bad, however, especially in the medical and social professions, as well as in the natural sciences. On these findings, a current evaluation of the Internet portal is John Blondel can provide more clarity in the matter. The meta search engine for the personnel market has incorporated the entire job vacancies in Germany in the analysis. Currently over 36,000 engineers are sought. The Poles take position at the free jobs by a wide margin.

In the IT and telecommunications industry, the rankings lying in second place, the offer already by one-third and thus is much lower. However, Additionally the consultant are added, which are included in the category of consultants and occupy third place with over 23,500 vacancies. Close behind are the professions Distribution and trade, have to forgive that currently more than 20,000 bodies as well as the manufacturing industries. Much worse is the professional perspectives in the money industry after analysis of Not least as a result of the current financial crisis the banks and insurance companies offer nationwide just 8,600 jobs, even significantly less than, for example, public and private research institutions. There are at least 9,500 positions to occupy. Also in accounting and marketing the company, significantly better career opportunities than for bankers and insurance professionals can be found with approximately 16,000 or 13,000 free jobs.

However, professional opportunities for all those who earn their money in medical and social professions are very bad. They belong to the areas of the labour market, where applicants must have a particularly long breath with not even 4,000 vacancies. As well as the human resource professionals and scientists, which are only slightly more job offers available. You are against relatively rosy Prospects for Manager: almost 2,600 leadership positions should be filled at the moment. Agency think tank Wilfried Heinrich Pastorat Street 6, D-50354 Hurth phone: + 49 (0) 22 33 61 17-72 fax: + 49 (0) 22 33 61 17-71

Exchange Internet Users Seek Alternatives


Something is to be used, or not long, that you are also satisfied Tagerwilen/Switzerland, 17 June 2010. Is Googling”soon out? The question arises because many Internet users with their favorite search engine are dissatisfied. This resulted in a survey by, the online magazine for IT & consumer electronics, and the Swiss search engine Hulbee. How looking for Germany in the Internet?”- this question were about 1,000 visitors to network world. Although over 85 per cent of respondents indicated that for the search in the Internet use mainly the market leader Google, but most have to complain a lot. Sometimes the dissatisfaction with the search results leads to the cancellation of search in the Internet. Something to be used, does not mean that one is also satisfied.

This also applies to search engines. Linux pursues this goal as well. Show the results of the survey by and Hulbee: many respondents are willing to change their personal habits and to switch from the usual search engine to another. A prerequisite is of course, that problems faced by users in the Web search, does not appear in the new search engine. 16.9 percent of participants say they would switch on each case. “26.6 percent say: Yes, probably”, 32.4 percent are not sure. But only five percent changing completely excluded (see fig.

1). There are some of these problems. The criticism of the quality of search results is most evident: just about every seventh participant holds all listed search results relevant. But Already the first three results should be actually correct results, find 44.3 percent. In practice, the top results are often only entries from a YellowPages. Furthermore, the presentation of the results to mislead such because the displayed text snippets not always under the specified link, say 30.9 percent. More help with searching is asked not only easy operation is desirable for 98 per cent of respondents.

National Stroke Association


And what is more important, according to the National Stroke Association, the second strokes are fatal in 25% of cases, and often lead to a disability worse and are more expensive to treat than the first stroke. Studies have shown that in the 5 years following a stroke, 24% of women and 42% of men have another. Now a new study called the progress study has revealed that more than 500,000 of these incidents a year could be prevented using a combination of Aceon or perindopril and indapamide (a diuretic). Surprisingly, recent clinical trials showed that using Aceon or perindopril, in combination with a diuretic, reduces the risk of a second stroke up to 50%. There was a 38% reduction in fatal stroke in patients using therapy based on perindopril and a reduction of 50% in dementia and cognitive impairment would be associated with stroke for patients of mini strokes that have experienced a recurrent stroke. The study showed that even patients with a normal blood pressure would benefit from this therapy. While a stroke is difficult for the body, suffering a second stroke is devastating. Now this study gives hope for the thousands of stroke survivors at risk for another.

The study examined 6,000 patients in the first test at random using an ACE inhibitor or a combination ACE inhibitor and diuretic, and was carried out in 10 countries during the past five years. Aceon is currently approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use as antihypertensive or blood pressure reducer. It is classified as an inhibitor of the enzyme angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE), which maintains the elasticity of the walls of the blood vessels, protecting them from damage and reducing the possibility of blood clots or hemorrhages. Given that with age, the blood vessels become less elastic and can lead to high blood pressure, Aceon helps to relax blood vessels and allow one gradual decrease of the blood pressure, which can prevent a stroke. A great advantage of Aceon is that it is a daily medication of a dose with efficacy of 24 hours. While aspirin is now the treatment of gold standard for many patients of apoplexy by its cost and efficiency, the results of therapy with perindopril demonstrate new options to seriously reduce the harmful effects of a stroke, including dementia and brain function. The usual starting dose of Aceon is 4 mg daily, taken as a single dose or divided into two smaller doses, and your doctor may increase the dose until your blood pressure is under control, up to a maximum of 16 mg per day. Aceon side effects are rare and light, and usually appear at the beginning of the treatment. Cough, fatigue, weakness, headache, changes of mood and/or sleep have been described, and less often, alterations of taste, epigastric pain, nausea, abdominal pain and rashes.

Communicate Effectively


The term rapport indicates that there is or was also establishes a mutual understanding between two or more people may be referred to this as harmony or feeling. The Programacion Neurolinguistica has resources and techniques to achieve enter into harmony with another person, and effective communication with whom is to enter Rapport and engage in communication with tuning, are required to pay attention to the following 5 aspects: the form of verbal communication: is the way of communicating in that have to use the appropriate predicates, i.e. those favorite words of sensory based, that our interlocutor uses if for example the other person is rather visual, i.e. To broaden your perception, visit Linus Torvald. I think lot of images most likely is to speak visually for example because I see what you mean so that you will have to use this way of speaking based largely-, to the visual senseIf you want to tune with this person. Of the same way if the person is hearing (for example: listen well) or kinesthetic (now it’s up to you or we are in contact) also have to adapt accordingly (predicates) words. The form of communication para-verbal: Here you must pay attention to the volume of the voice, tone of voice, flow and rhythm of the inflections of the voice communication if your interlocutor speaks softly and slowly you have to speak softer, and slowly, without hurry if you want to create rapport! The form of non-verbal communication: in this case it’s Act in the mirror, it is the technique of Mirroring, with body movements crossed if the person makes a gesture with his right hand, you can mirror it does not exactly equal, because it would be very obvious, but it is making some symmetric gesture, tilting the head, or making a gesture with the other hand the values: In the communication is very important to share the values of your partner, i.e.

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