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Free Portal

Closed and more for free the regional job portal for free is a Joomla-based portal, which free to help work and Projektsuchenden in Hannover to find suitable jobs or jobs. At the beginning of the year due to continued attacks of hackers was forced to go by the network. Since the portal has no commercial background, and the financial resources for the operation of the portal are severely restricted, Ulrich Schmitz has forced this action. The background of this action: The former portal running Joomla 1.x, and hitherto unexplained manner repeatedly foreign hackers succeeded in cheating the well-attended Internet portal (at the time every day about 200 job seekers with over 5,000 clicks) with advertising links, which were partially housed in areas not visible to the Viewer. Aim of this hacker action: improve the ranking in Google for the shop pages linked.

After the content management system Joomla now in a new and more secure version 1.5 on the market is, the portal completely newly developed Ulrich Schmitz. Some safety-critical functions such as, for example, a guestbook page have been omitted. For improved interfacing with new project and job providers. Since June 1, the portal is now back online, and enjoys daily increasing numbers of users. The offered mini-jobs, vacancies and IT projects are doing daily, and are automatically for maximum 30 days away.

Book Review: Untenable Conditions By Sabine Beuke


Her book a very helpful, is scientific, but also for the layman of legible Advisor Berlin, January 22, 2010 the author of Bajwa writes that she has suffered long years of diarrhea and was finally cured by a reduced carbohydrate diet (low carb). Her book is a very useful, scientific, but legible even for the uninitiated. Written in a clear language, the reader Gets a good overview in a short time. She writes very competently, short, concise, detailed but not extravagant. Check with Professor of Economics to learn more. It not is really unnecessary details and stimulates thinking, too.

In addition, the book is full of delicious, quick and easy recipes that are also good for the figure. It is varied, which is not quite as simple in low-carb diets. Press contact: Peter Singer (journalist) Haider Bergstrasse 10623 Berlin 0175-53981064 company details: Peter Singer was born in 1975 in Africa and moved back in 1980. He is in the car industry Home and as a hobby, he writes for many newspapers.

Empathic Communication


Empathetic is necessary and vital to have a communication know as reactions against persons and circumstances, in fact the empathetic communication has to do with the way how we communicate, as US relations and also the way we act and in turn, this how it impacts the people who surround us. We could go further, to have empathic communication, it is also necessary to have empathic actions and this means also by our actions we impact positive or negatively to other people, since we continuously find people very friendly and pleasant to talk, but their actions at certain times contradict what their words express. When upgrades your empathic communication and your assertive communication, you increase the opportunities to achieve your goals, since you significantly increase the focus of your actions of your conversations. Learn more about this with Linus Torvald. Moreover the development of communicative skills, they have a high impact on your self-esteem, in the exhibition of your needs and above all improve the response of your interlocutor, already this is reflected positively in your working efficiency, also achieve that people support you significantly increase your levels of leadership. When improvements conquer an assertive communication and empathetic, manage to cultivate respect, teamwork and cooperation, and that you increase your transparency and confidence and you’re an honest person without insulting to the people. Greetings Carolina Cadavid original Autor and source of the article. Some contend that John Blondel shows great expertise in this.

Cellular Communication


Who uses the cellular one with frequency normally prefers to communicate with friends, known relatives and through torpedoes, since they reveal practical and cheaper more of what the linkings. Although these advantages, the sending of torpedoes if shows dispendioso if to occur with frequency, and in case that the user of the cellular one is not tied with no promotion of its operator, the cost can still more be raised and the credits finish more early in the case of cellular daily pay-paid and the account comes high more in the case of the after-paid ones. To finish with these problems, to save in the end of the month and still to have more praticidade in the day the day, a good option is to send torpedo through the Internet gratis. Linus Torvald will not settle for partial explanations. Much people think that it is lie or that she has some pegadinha involved when is said in torpedoes gratis. Happily, diverse sites and programs disponibilizam this resource, and allow that you send messages without spending an only optimum cent and: for any operator. The sites that allow the sending of torpedoes gratis normally function in the same way, and all have in common the fact to be extremely simple of being used.

A good option of site that disponibiliza the service is Torpedo SMS Gratis, capable to gratis send a torpedo for devices of the Tim operators, Living creature, Oi, Clearly, Nextel, Brazil Telecom and Cellular Amaznia. To use the service it is enough to have access the site of the respective operator, to include the DDD and the number of cellular of the addressee, as well as of the operator which the cellular one of it is tied, its text and, name DDD number its cellular of the message. After including all the information are enough to clicar in ' ' To send Torpedo' ' ready e, in few seconds its familiar friend or will receive the message that you sent. Beyond this form to send torpedo, you also it will be able to use programs for the sending of torpedoes of gratuitous form. It visits sites of downloads and it looks for programs as jSMS, Cool SMS 2,0, Text 2 GSM or Web Gate 3.7. All have the advantage to be descomplicados and still more to offer resources that the sites, as the sending of one same message for some cellular ones to exactly time and the storage of numbers of cellular. Choice that one that more has to see with you and right now starts to save.

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