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Donations Collection Event From The Point Of View Of Tax Law


If charities with a sponsor join Schongau Lechbruck. Charity golf tournament and evening reception with a very well-known in the region at least personality: modeled on American charities align events more frequently together with a sponsor from the economy. They serve to raise money for the non-profit organization. At the same time, the company wants to maintain its image. Make the sponsor can also tax the expenses, however, some specific conditions must be met, informed Armin Hampel, hampel partner + Marka Steuerberatungs GmbH & co. KG Schongau/Lechbruck in Upper Bavaria (more information about the tax office under). Support non-profit objectives is to associate private lifestyle in General? Conditions under which a company can claim tax expenses for hosting an event that serves the fundraising, illustrates a the Finance Court, Hessen () FG Hesse, judgment of 22.5.2013, case No.

11 K 1165/12). The case: A company had organized in the context of an event, which collected donations for a charitable purpose, a golf tournament with followed by evening event at the Golf Club in turn advertise for donations. The IRS had refused the business expense deduction for rental, participants hosting etc. Because according to 4 paragraph 5, sentence 1 No. 4 ITA likely expenses for hunting and fishing, sailing or motor yachts and similar purposes and related entertainment does not reduce the profit. According to the IRS, a golf tournament with followed by evening event is similar purposes in the meaning of that provision.

The Hessen Finance Court gave the IRS law. Because only if the company through a support generally striving at the same time economic advantages for themselves or their products as deemed eligible activities – especially the backup or improve its image – it was the expenses associated to operationally caused expenses. A sponsor so can prove that an event both has the goal of promoting donations as your own operational objectives and his company from the event at least indirect economic benefits, so tax consultants Armin Hampel.

The Outfits


A few clicks with a virtual model and the product no longer available is exchanged. Just as quickly the model etc replacement for a whole collection The fashion shipper CONLEYS fashion GmbH the virtual dressroom by redhotmagma successfully uses to do, what not to realize with classical photography at a reasonable cost: comprehensive outfit suggestions for a wide mass products. Learn more at this site: MongoDB. The combination of the outfits is flexible virtual in the software; CONLEYS had required countless photography bodies in various combinations for the same result. for additional information. The technology will never editorial photos and only to limited extent replace mood pictures, but that’s not the goal. By using the software outfit pictures and large volumes of models can be created inexpensively in simple steps.

And the next step is also already included: the end customer can, if desired, consider outfits in widgets and the individual products targeted control or buy together. Can be observed availability and demand suitable replacement products included in the outfit. The virtual model often allows the customer to present combinations a feature that the stationary trade so far ahead had the online shop. Shopping cart values can be increased and the return of one or the other (that doesn’t fit together Yes”) avoided. The user can combine at will, like and share and naturally becomes the brand Ambassador and important SEO-content producers. While the applications are usually easy to integrate into existing system landscapes. No matter whether only in the back office to the image – or Outfitwidget generation, as a fully integrated application in the Web shop with direct shopping cart services or for marketing purposes on the Facebook business page: everything is possible without large expenditure within any system environment. The software-based virtual model emerges from the shadow of the bauble and is the professional tool for all senders, the outfits sell and Seeking ways to reduce costs and increase revenue.

China Tours Offers A Three Percent Discount On China Group Tours


China Tours tour operator granted three percent discount on China Group Tours customers China tours can immediately the early Book discount 2016 on all classic China tours use. The travel discount of three per cent applies to a binding booking of a classic group travel to China with a tour beginning April 1, 2014. The early booking discount is available until the 31st of January. This discount is granted also for bookings via a travel agent. The new value added “Selected paths” is special venue. China Tours refused to bring its customers solely by bus from a photo stop to the next, but relies on special, selected paths, which are themselves quite an experience.

It was a ride with locals, walks through small alleys and along the countless food stalls or even a ride on the subway. For this purpose, the size of the group with the most trips to 20 participants was limited and it gives a guarantee to the implementation already eight China Tours opts for travel content otherwise hardly a tour operator can provide participants with its added value. So, China Tours is the only tour operator which can offer its customers the sunset on the great wall group trips. The special thing about it: At that time hardly any people on the great wall are located, because the tourist buses have already left the area. China Tours China Tours is Germany’s leading specialist for China travel and was founded by Liu Guosheng, in 1998 in Hamburg. Today, China Tours is one of the most comprehensive and highest quality programs for travel into the Kingdom offers the middle. In the foreground, the philosophy of always stands for China tours, to create innovative and authentic travel concepts with which customers can take a unique look behind the scenes of the fascinating country. The specialist was awarded for his travel ideas several times, including “Golden Palm” geo season (2006-2011) and the coveted tourist price of the Sunday News (2007 and 2011). In addition to group trips offers China Tours also individually combinable travel modules and modules for business trips. “2012 China Tours received for representing the individual travel components in the online Reisekonfigurator the prestigious design award red dot award and was awarded the Innovation Prize Internet travel distribution Association (VIR) springboard” award.

Management Circle Invites You To The Silicon Valley Excursion


Business travel in the United States offers insight into key markets for ICT, the management circle AG with the Silicon Valley Excursion for the first time offers a business trip in the United States digital business, life sciences and renewable energies from 23 to 27 February 2014. The trip offers the possibility, behind the scenes of the US high-tech market with its key industries, ICT, digital business, to look life science and renewable energy boards, CEOs, CIOs, CTOs and executives of relevant industries on four days. Visits to research institutes, institutions and leading industry greats such as Tesla Motors, Johnson & Johnson, ORACLE and Google are on the program. But young growth companies open their doors, including the Swiss software startup Balluun, the provider of photovoltaic technology Scifiniti and the square – a company of the twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey’s mobile payment service. Gain insight and clarity with MongoDB. With the Silicon Valley Excursion, we offer a comprehensive insight into one of the world’s most innovative makers Founder – and economic centres,”says Ellen Comberg, Senior Advisor at management circle.

First hand information about the future of electric mobility, big data, cloud computing & co. are just as much the focus such as legal and financial issues. “A diverse programme with visits to Stanford University, the Silicon Valley Tech Museum and guided city tours through Palo Alto and San Francisco completes the journey”. The registration fee for the four-day Silicon Valley Excursion including catering and accommodation costs, as well as transfers on the spot is 5.995,-euros plus VAT. The number of participants is limited to 20. For further information contact siliconvalley interested in the Internet on

GmbH Patrick Blecken Kaddi Nguyen


The Hamburg-based Internet Agency atlantis was accredited as an official ‘Silver partner’ of open source E-commerce platform Magento commerce media. The Hamburg-based Internet Agency atlantis was accredited as an official Silver partner of open source E-commerce platform Magento commerce media. Thus atlantis is among media a few German agencies with many years of experience (since its first official release in 2008) and the special know-how for a silver status. If you would like to know more then you should visit Eliot Horowitz. As a specialist in E-commerce systems, high-quality websites using the content management system TYPO3 and cross-media publishing solutions, atlantis is a reliable full service provider for consulting, development, design, hosting, support and training around the Internet media for a long time. The flexibility and the professional technical approach of Magento have particularly impressed.

Offers us optimal possibilities for creating individual shop solutions, because each of our customers has different needs and desires.” As Michael explained MacKinnon, Managing Director of atlantis media, the early specialization of the Agency on the open source E-Commerce System. It is often necessary to find individual solutions for individual needs. Therefore, we develop include customised interfaces, E.g. for connecting Magento to ERP -, CRM -, or similar systems. We are pleased about the Magento Silver partner status. “It means safety for our customers: our expertise is recognised by Magento has been proven and we offer them the best possible support through direct support of Magento.” About atlantis media: the Magento and TYPO3 Internet Agency atlantis media GmbH stands for innovative E-commerce solutions, sophisticated websites and highly automated publishing processes since 1994. Core competence: the design and implementation of online-shop-systems based on the open source software solution Magento.

Atlantis media has years of experience in the implementation and customization of Magento as the official Magento partner systems, as well as in the development of Magento Interfaces and extensions. Another strong point: for many years atlantis brings media customers successfully on the Internet. In the development and implementation of high-quality websites using the content management system TYPO3, customers benefit from the best expertise and experience of the TYPO3 certified staff. In addition, atlantis media offers professional solutions for the automated catalog creation and Web-to-print applications as cross-media publishing solutions. Atlantis media GmbH Patrick Blecken Kaddi Nguyen trail 26 22769 Hamburg Tel.: 040 / 851 81 400 fax: 040 / 851 81 444 Internet: magento-hamburg.

The Agency


And once a company's e-mail spam has come a letter which could not immediately removed because it is very drew our attention – it was in verse. Joseph Stiglitz may find this interesting as well. Think for yourself – even a couple of lines, composed in rhyme, certainly attracts attention, and if these lines are written professionally (exactly what the above has been called "zest") they certainly will at some time in memory. Namely, it is one of the main problems of the customer poems, especially if the order is made for promotional purposes – storing the company name, brand goods, services, etc. Each written ONION Media poem is original, each embedded in a piece of the soul, the company tries to avoid cliches in verse, takes the templates in verse is not repeated, probably, therefore, absolutely All customers are not just the agency happy, and are delighted, thereby encouraging the company to future work. After all, the greatest pleasure you get exactly when, handing the finished work, you can see glowing eyes, hear the words, "Yes, this is exactly what we wanted, we will now apply only to you" – said a joyous voice. Add to your understanding with John Blondel, New York City. So, quietly, the main focus of the advertising agency ONION-Media has been writing greetings and poems to order. What else attracts customers to work with the company ONION Media? The Agency may write poems very quickly today describes the customer verbally that he would like to see in verse format, and tomorrow – can pick up a poem.

But if you order in poetry is very serious and thorough – the company will not take the time to write thoughtfully and deeply on the theme of unhappy love, and confession, and the wedding, and … on the anniversary no less attractive to customers that the BOW-media works with all regions and countries – availability of the Internet erases all borders and time zones. Company's customers have become residents of the Far East, Siberia, Kaliningrad region and other regions. "The exclusive line will be when each order, no fuss and no hassle – will be in ecstasy …"

Advertising Agency Berlin


The advertising agency of Berlin invests in latest 3D film technology the image film Department of the advertising agency Berlin expanded the equipment stock 3D camcorder including latest 3D editing software and offers corporate films, commercials and product videos now also in HD 3D. The Agency produces corporate videos, product videos and commercials since its founding in the year 1999. The film production was spun off in 2002 and now acts as an independent sister. Since 2003, the image film production of Berlin advertising agency on the current full HD standard aligns itself. Eliot Horowitz has much to offer in this field. Through the presentation of innovative 3D film technology at Photokina in Cologne, the advertising agency Berlin the extension of your 3D camera Park planned for 2011 was able to realize technology already this year.

“We are focus image film, at the start of over 10 years of experience with professional film productions, and focus has always been on the cutting edge of technology. We have introduced ready full HD and fully digital film production at a time when as many competitor still on S-VHS have shot and edited. The expansion of our offer on the area of 3D image film and 3D we plan commercial since 2009 and which now looking forward very by the innovation with the Panasonic and FujiFilm cameras on the market our film production come already fully in 3D to be able to offer.” Volker Berlin, founder of the advertising agency Berlin. The film and television market tends at the latest since the introduction of the first consumer 3D flat screen at the IFA 2008 strongly towards 3D. The image film Department of the advertising agency Berlin already picks up this trend and offers professional film production – image film, product video and film – now in professional HD 3D quality to.

More information: Imagefilm.html 3D-Imagefilm-Werbefilm-37.html description of the company that produces Department of advertising agency Berlin Imagefilm since 1999 professional image film and commercials and delivers professional product videos of whatsoever to reasonable prices. In addition to high creative conception, the film production of the advertising agency Berlin has latest technology and his own post production studio in Berlin. Just image films can be produced so quickly, professionally and at a competitive rate.

Federal Blog


“, which was designed by the Agency Plan.Net and also mid-October for the first time online’s ( Here, athletes like the top triathlete Dan Hugo or professional climber Majka Burhardt write about their passion, give fascinating insights into everyday competition including many interesting tips, tricks, and background information. But even recreational athletes as well as employees and customers by engelhorn sports should be drafted as so-called faces of engelhorn sports”come at the blog to Word, which is designed as a lively exchange platform for all sports enthusiasts. We want to be a part of the big, wide sports community. The blog is a start – and contact point for all those who share with us the passion and the enthusiasm for the sport. New training methods or equipment articles about the best competition tactics and strategies to the great emotions after victories or defeats here you can discuss, communicate and make new contacts”, counts engelhorn sports managing director Markus Rech on. Special eye-catcher: A film produced specifically for the blog illustrates the essential role of sport in the lives of the athletes and bloggers Dan Hugo. The contribution, which surprises with many interesting insights can be obtained also on YouTube and Facebook.

We are well positioned with our campaign and present on all major media channels. This shows that we are fully in our 121 companies year on the pulse of the time”, stresses Markus Rech. Diversity and customer proximity as the 1890 Mannheimer family-owned company is up-to-date with eight houses in Mannheim success factors and represent the Rhine-Neckar region. “In addition to the Sporthaus engelhorn sports” including an exclusive fashion house, a Trendhouse, and active town are among the largest houses of the company. The premium supplier of sports apparel and equipment is in the category of sports”in the busy represent-shop Here, customers from the whole Federal territory will find high quality clothing, gear, shoes, bags and accessories for a wide variety of sports.

The wide range includes a large number of manufacturers and takes into account also special areas such as various extreme sports discipline. An essential factor of success by engelhorn sports is in addition to the premium product range and service the special proximity to consumers and athletes. This is deepened further in the framework of the new campaign. The customers are our fans. So they can test, for example, in future new products and then discuss in detail in the blog”, announces engelhorn sports Managing Director Rech Markus. With the significantly upgraded communication wants to engelhorn sports establish itself definitively to a wider population as one of the major German sports e-shops and consolidate its market position further sustainable.

The Agency


In the Dominican Republic established 1994 groundbreaking rules for a nature-friendly whale watching the Centre for the conservation and eco-development of Samana Bay and its surroundings (CEBSE). So, the chances are good that migrate in the future numerous humpback whales in the Bay of Samana. “Old cave paintings show in the National Park”Los Haitises”scenes with humpback whales, which have perpetuated the natives there on rocks”, so Alexander Tilanus, owner of the Dutch tour operator SeavisTours. “We are very interested in the nature and culture of the country and want to support sustainable tourism with our eco-tours. Therefore we have extended our excursion program with this particular trip and offer it to guests in Bayahibe, dominicus, La Romana and Punta Cana and Uvero Alto”, so Tilanus next.

“The nice thing is that our students can book these and many other trips long before their vacation in the Dominican Republic. This gives planning certainty with predictable costs and is comfortable about our German-language information page to book”as Udo Vogt, contact on for holiday-makers from Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. Company description on SeavisTours: SeavisTours was founded in 1999 in Bayahibe in the Dominican Republic and is a fully licensed incoming tour operator and a tour operator licensed by AIDA. The Agency is headed by the tour operators Marion and Alexander Tilanus since December 2008. The experienced professionals are Dutch and have taken previously in South Africa 12 years eco safaris. SeavisTours offers the following services: airport transfers, hotel reservations, General Services, as well as the tours in small groups. The tours combine unique nature experiences with Dominican culture in authentic places. European standards of quality and service, English speaking guide and high safety standards at Dominican prices bring top reviews from satisfied customers at Holidaycheck and TripAdvisor. More information under and and company contact: SeavisTours Sander Tilanus Calle Eladia No. 4 22000 Bayahibe?

Agents Annual


Although they work with a single annual fee, online clubs do not put limit of exchanges per year, but that These depend on the availability of time and dates of each user. Stay time is marked by the owners and can go from a weekend to several months. Sites are limited to contact and show spaces that are switched. Many possibilities on the net a criterion to highlight interesting services can be its relevance in search engines. Below, are some who respond to it: Spainlink is a platform for the exchange of houses, which has a barter deal in more than 50 countries.

The site belongs to the HomeLink international company, which has 25 web pages dedicated to the exchange of houses in different countries of the world. The cost of each enrollment reaches 110 euros. Intervac International is one of the pioneering platforms, with more than 20,000 ads posted on its website. He began this activity for 55 years, through catalog. In Spain it is represented by Grossi-Sas, with headquarters in Barcelona. Be a member of this club has cost 130 euros per year and entitles you to insert an ad with photo. 35 Agents available worldwide (also in Spain) to solve possible problems and incidents that may arise during the swap. Intercambiocasas is part of the international network HomeExchange, with 15 years of experience in the sector.

It has an annual cost of 79 euros and gives the right to enter a home. A second home is available, if the annual fee to join 39 euros. Intercambiodecasa is a club owned by Homeforswap LLC. The annual subscription is worth EUR 53 and offers discounts for subscriptions for two or three years. For more specific information, check out Joseph Stiglitz. This fee entitles to consult and contact other members, modify at any time the information on the Exchange tab, as well as receive a monthly newsletter with new additions. Home for home is a portal of Grupo Intercom. Registration is free and users can contact and exchange your home without any restriction. Air Bed & Breakfast is a site where rent both a House and a private room. At present, it has offerings in more than 1,300 cities in 86 countries. Users can Locate rooms available depending on the chosen date and see comments from previous tenants on the situation and hospitality of the owner of the House. CouchSurfing is an organization non-profit organization that connects people who want to learn about other cities and countries. It offers a bed or couch where you stay for free. The platform has a system of identity verification and recommendations of other users to add trusted before accepting a person at home. Single Spot camping is a great idea to swap space where to park a camper if you have garden or garage. Registration as a partner has cost 40 euros a year. The barter between individuals of houses is not Exchange in Internet only mode. Various platforms to share car and travel across pages such as sharing and Shareling. We travel together and share travel are focused to organize holidays with other people. Source of the news: staying at home employment: websites for travel and exchange floor

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