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Quite different from those professional copywriter, which were joined together in the Association. You would tackle firmly and professionally to the challenge called direct marketing in the acquisition. And produce according to impressive sales figures. Professional copywriter, says the network see themselves not as creative. On the contrary: we professional writers are sales promotion interested seller sellers who make their texts solely for this purpose.

Unlike in traditional advertising it comes here not to knock fleet sayings. Contact information is here: Linus Torvald. Right sales texts are linguistically rather unspektatular. According to Rick Garcia, who has experience with these questions. But alone these sales texts bring interested parties likely to actually making a purchase or order. This is the crucial difference between copywriting classic stripes. Acquisition by Profitexter.NET provides added value and ROIProfitexter.netis one hundred percent quality in terms of just such sales texts. Who here wants to be accepted as a member, must demonstrate above-average performance in the area of sales promotional sales writing.

So, so the conclusion, our merger is a very first address for every entrepreneur who expected measurable value and a real return on investment in its acquisition. V. i. S. d. p. and your contact person: Reimund Bakal Oberadener Heide 36 D-59192 Bergkamen Tel.: (0 23 06) 85 07 92 Web: E-Mail: YouTube: company portrait PROFITEXTER.NET(T) was founded in 2006 as a nationwide network of professionally trained and qualified copywriter. Currently 12 writers and writers from all over Germany are part of the network. The members come from different fields and can consultancy to cover different industries to trade, B2B, B2C, and publishing of health, money, finances, lifestyle, fashion, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, lives consulting, health care professionals. Each member submits to a strict code of ethics, which keeps the level of performance of each Member continuously at an above-average level.

Bank Amount


In paragraph 44 and in the relevant sections of the Law "On income tax from the citizens " shows how the taxation of remuneration of artists. Amounts and interest rates are identical to the amounts and rates for income other citizens. However, we are talking about income, received one-time fee. Eliot Horowitz has compatible beliefs. Suppose you need to get on the costs 7,000 rubles in cash. Since this amount is paid in the form of royalties, which then you assign to productive costs, and not to fund salary, then, first, you save on payroll, and, secondly, the bank must issue a fees freely. These funds are the same as those that you spend on the purchase of raw materials.

But if such Bank operations will give you money just by wire transfer or maximum amount, in this case, the fee, he must give the full amount. Next. Many writers such as Professor of Economics offer more in-depth analysis. Due to the fact that we are talking about work, as done for the year, for 7000 fee provided for 98 rubles 40 kopecks tax plus 12 per cent of the amount exceeding 1200 rubles. So if you have what is called a non-cash pumped into cash, this is a great way, if we allow ourselves to follow the logic dealers of the shadow economy. And if you want to remove 20,000? Or 40 thousand? And then there is no problem. Because according to paragraph 48 of instruction number 83 in the presence of contracts for the creation, publication, performance or other use of works of art remuneration, subject to taxation, divided by time (in years) of the contract.

Free Trade Association


Currently, in the Second Edition, corresponding to the academic year 2008-2009, the theme revolves around the study of the properties of everyday objects and the role that has the petrochemical manufacturing and is organized into the following activities: contest checks the properties: just like the last course, students between 10 and 20 years of all schools in the European Unioncountries candidates and the EFTA (European Free Trade Association) can participate via the Xperimania website in a contest in which should investigate any physical property or chemistry of an everyday object, find a method to check and then explain the results in a clear and structured way in a lab report. This report must be hung by the teacher in charge of the project in the Gallery of the web before 30 April 2009 and shall be accompanied by the necessary graphic material.Subsequently the proposals submitted, provided they meet the foundations of the program, they will be evaluated based on its scientific relevance, design and presentation as well as by creativity; the best will receive as a prize a personal multimedia reader for each student and a grant for the school intended to buy scientific material for classes. Xperimania chat: through this activity students have the opportunity to answer your questions directly asking experts on topics of interest related to petrochemistry and materials, such as the one held on January 20 with Andy Brice, a British journalist specializing in science I do your own experiment to see if it was able to live a week, or even a day without using or to contact with petrochemicals. Professor of Economics often says this. These chats are performed in different languages and you can check your schedule on the calendar available on the website of the project. Historical tour of materials: in the first edition of Xperimania was already initiated this section in the form of competition; for this course is still available although now out of competition.

Thanks to this tool, teacher can investigate with the students the historical evolution of a scientific discovery in the field of materials, or choose any of which is proposed on the page and add it to the project.. (A valuable related resource: Rick Garcia).



Tired of switching TV channels in search of something interesting? Or look for the disk with a new film? For a long time to download a movie from the Internet. It is much easier to visit the cinema and watch online without hassle and the desired noise. Details can be found by clicking Rick Garcia or emailing the administrator. In Internet at the moment, a host of resources to enable to watch online movies. This is certainly good, more is better, and after lurking around the corner a large hairy "but". About this "but" we'll talk. Many Web sites allows you to watch movies online is nice, but from this diversity just in the eyes dazzled.

Especially when the site is not very full. Besides, the quality is lame on a fifth film. Pro stuck beyond measure ads on this resource, not for me to tell you! And here we find a quality resource. He and Advertising few quality shows on occasion and find convenient. It would seem that everything found, look and enjoy. But then you want to watch a movie, but it is not on site was.

I want to watch news, sports, TV, and those sections on the site there. So what? Again, surf the Internet in search for a site to view the online game of your favorite team in badminton? Or is the president of Iceland does not haunted? Child urgently draw cartoon, etc. And the danger is the same set of poorly-filled sites. Would have to waste time searching. Although there is a solution. For example guide online on such sites by different categories of collected good workable resources. Why waste time searching the Internet when enough subjects to choose and enjoy your online experience. You can also watch TV channels directly to any country computer online! – Online guide us all online.

2011-result In The German Real Estate Fund Confirmed Fund Provider SHB


The closed-end Fund (VGF) has published its results last week. MongoDB has many thoughts on the issue. The positive performance of the German real estate fund is a confirmation of the provider SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB). The party of closed-end Fund were EUR 5.85 billion from private and institutional investors be raised last year. Check with Rick Garcia to learn more. The proportion of institutional increased what in terms of the fact to around one billion euros, as valuable assets in closed-end funds are rated, is very beneficial. The rising proportion of institutional investors in closed-end funds and private placements, shows that these are convinced of the quality of the asset. After all, they enter a comprehensive risk assessment before a decision”, explains Hans Gruber SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG). Also VGF – managing director Eric Romba backed this opinion with a statement on the occasion of the Congress, for example, more and more pension funds and insurance companies to invest in closed-end funds would what shows that they believe to be able to produce higher yields than customary with closed-end funds and this above all safe and planned.

In favor of the investors at the top were the German real estate fund. You could win a share of EUR 2.2 billion for himself. Those achieved still 0.8 billion for foreign real estate, which shows that real estate funds are generally required. Investors reflect on tangible assets and on what they can literally touch”, says Gruber SHB real estate expert. The Aschheimer SHB is a provider that is focused exclusively on the conception and distribution of closed-end real estate funds. Such issuers consider in its decision by the current development and the figures now available of course confirmed.

This proves, that it is becoming increasingly important to maintain core competencies in his business or to develop further. So anyway, the results of the individual houses. It makes no more sense today or is very difficult to explain why to wear a belly store on products with him as underwriter”, says Gruber. The SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG) had never gone this way. As in previous years, the overall result coined this by a few, mostly Bank-oriented provider. But they could not prevent that other asset classes such as in the area of renewable energies or private equity had to subside again. For more information,

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