A Wall Street – Which Occupied Houses In Berlin


Great tasting food at A street, her face has completely changed since the fall of the wall, which is occupied houses. Whoever comes to Berlin, may not, without having even directed his steps along this street, not to go home. A “tourist-mile,” such as the Berlin used to say, it is not the same. To identify the changes in the “Wall Street” really, we begin with the exploration of the best Choriner from the street. Perhaps check out Oby Ezekwesili for more information. At this end of Oderberger the trees are still tight. And when looking at the little cafe can hike, stands above the entrance or from ancient times, long before the Wall went up, “furniture” and then weiterschaut Oderberger road to the old bathhouse, one has a clue how dark and gloomy this street in East Germany -war times. The house with the “furniture” Caf GDR has charm, not even the windows have got a new coat of paint. The crumbling buildings can be gauged by how much the spirit of innovation and love of the houses have been reorganized. The bathhouse at risk of demolition. It has abeautiful interior design, which you can still visit now and again. In the GDR, all school children around in this old bath have learned to swim. Anyone who does not shower or bath could call his own, came here to bathe in the sauna and at the weekend was packed. Continue past the pub, and a few designer clothes stores, the chestnut avenue crossing, the occupied houses brighter and somehow more cheerful. Sometimes it is also really loud, namely, when the fire brigade just coming to. The fire department is next to the bathhouse, so to speak, the second address on the square. It is one of the oldest fire departments in the city. Anyone who wants to offer their children something that can ask the firefighters quietly again for a tour. The firefighters are proud of and can be quite happy to be persuaded to visit. With a little luck you can watch on Friday afternoon, as the great fire ladder is expertly parked in the old halls. If you want to call something from GDR times his own, when you go shopping VEB Orange. A sign at the entrance with the inscription”Exclusion zone” is the last reference to the Wall that divided at this end of the street the city from 1961 to 1989. Today, there begins the Wall Park. Culinary has been in the occupied houses really are spoiled for choice. It does not smell like a oriental market or, as the baker, but that road invites you to feast. Hunger arises unavoidably when you take a look at the different menus and offers from around the world. Should we try fresh Japanese food with Nordic accent in Oki or fresh sushi opposite Or perhaps enjoy the benefits of Thai cuisine Or the Indian Or Lebanese – or perhaps you would prefer to eat Anatolian Or should we just take fresh pasta from the pasta shop for your home Or nibble but really sweet pancakes, and then equal to Glcklichessen even rent a bike (because the pounds have to go back down!) Or maybe just nibble homemade cake Or would you ratherGreek food, or … yes but where to now Either – or Well if it is so: but then straight into EntwederOder. That is simply worship here since the turn of days, and who still wants to stay longer, goes into the Oderkahn, finally, there is still much to discover in the occupied houses.

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