African Ancestry


This work presents the results of a research carried through in the city of Macap, whose object of study was of mapear the presence of religions of African matrix, more specifically, candombl. One gave to emphasis to the rediscusso of the existing versions on the origin and the presence of candombl in Macap. The study it allowed to approach the references between science and religion, in the measure where it had as theoretical support for the analysis the areas of social sciences and history. Throughout the research it was verified cultural contribution of the African people, the same one can be mensurada when it studies the formation and the cultural identity of the region. In elapsing of the research, we find in the examined documentation, and the carried through interviews, material support that allowed to signal the existence of two versions on the origin of candombl in Macap. The first one, as Pear tree (2008) points out the trajectory of candombl, as a particular initiative of a man, natural of the state of Par, in the year of 1982. This man is in the hierarchic structure of religion one babalorix, which starts to spread out the religion of African matrix in this state. Second he detaches SAINTS (2009) candombl has its origin in Macap, for the initiative of one lady, natural of the state of the Amap, in 1985 whose function is Yalorix.

METHODS: The methodology adopted for accomplishment of this research was the technique of verbal history collecting depositions, and becoming interviews and as it affirms Becker (2005, P. 31) ‘ ‘ Verbal history is extremely useful to fill the gaps of history, to compensate the lack of documentao’ ‘. 5 people had been interviewed, three of the masculine sex, whose hierarchic function and in candombl is babalorix and two women whose hierarchic function, inside of candombl are yalorix.

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