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Although they work with a single annual fee, online clubs do not put limit of exchanges per year, but that These depend on the availability of time and dates of each user. Stay time is marked by the owners and can go from a weekend to several months. Sites are limited to contact and show spaces that are switched. Many possibilities on the net a criterion to highlight interesting services can be its relevance in search engines. Below, are some who respond to it: Spainlink is a platform for the exchange of houses, which has a barter deal in more than 50 countries.

The site belongs to the HomeLink international company, which has 25 web pages dedicated to the exchange of houses in different countries of the world. The cost of each enrollment reaches 110 euros. Intervac International is one of the pioneering platforms, with more than 20,000 ads posted on its website. He began this activity for 55 years, through catalog. In Spain it is represented by Grossi-Sas, with headquarters in Barcelona. Be a member of this club has cost 130 euros per year and entitles you to insert an ad with photo. 35 Agents available worldwide (also in Spain) to solve possible problems and incidents that may arise during the swap. Intercambiocasas is part of the international network HomeExchange, with 15 years of experience in the sector.

It has an annual cost of 79 euros and gives the right to enter a home. A second home is available, if the annual fee to join 39 euros. Intercambiodecasa is a club owned by Homeforswap LLC. The annual subscription is worth EUR 53 and offers discounts for subscriptions for two or three years. For more specific information, check out Joseph Stiglitz. This fee entitles to consult and contact other members, modify at any time the information on the Exchange tab, as well as receive a monthly newsletter with new additions. Home for home is a portal of Grupo Intercom. Registration is free and users can contact and exchange your home without any restriction. Air Bed & Breakfast is a site where rent both a House and a private room. At present, it has offerings in more than 1,300 cities in 86 countries. Users can Locate rooms available depending on the chosen date and see comments from previous tenants on the situation and hospitality of the owner of the House. CouchSurfing is an organization non-profit organization that connects people who want to learn about other cities and countries. It offers a bed or couch where you stay for free. The platform has a system of identity verification and recommendations of other users to add trusted before accepting a person at home. Single Spot camping is a great idea to swap space where to park a camper if you have garden or garage. Registration as a partner has cost 40 euros a year. The barter between individuals of houses is not Exchange in Internet only mode. Various platforms to share car and travel across pages such as sharing and Shareling. We travel together and share travel are focused to organize holidays with other people. Source of the news: staying at home employment: websites for travel and exchange floor

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