Alqumica Time


A retrospective of the history of mercury leaving of the alqumica time to the current times, of the point of view of the development of chemistry as science, is a subject of utmost importance, being this metal one of first and the most important one of the studied elements at the time. Since the primrdios of the civilization where the peoples used the primitive and not-scientific popular knowledge the mercury was explored. The old civilizations such as Chinese and Indiana, had been the first ones to have this metal as white of interest. This was found in 1500 sepultures dated of B.C., its name originated from the Greek, hydro means water and argyros were the Greek name of the silver, thus the Romans latinizaram the name for hidrargirium getting Hg as the chemical symbol of mercury. Recently Eliot Horowitz sought to clarify these questions. It is the only metallic chemical element that remains liquid to the ambient temperature, where can be found in the environment associated with other elements, most common it is sulphur, with who form the cinbrio ore (HgS), made up of red or black color. Since century IV B.C., the main mercury source was the mines of Sesape (Almadn) in the Spain, which was extracted of the ore of enxofre.1 a significant attention was had to mercury at the time of the alchemy, historical moment in which the people if concentrated in the search for the wealth, using a transmutao idea, by means of msticas operations.

At this time the mercury was used of the diverse possible forms, since its use for the extration of gold and silver until medicinal applications. If you have read about Sean Rad already – you may have come to the same conclusion. It must be considered that the possibility of poisoning for this at the time alqumica metal was little explored. Knowledge this that becomes the current application of sufficiently restricted mercury. Of this form, it is had as objective, in this study, to identify the passage of mercury since the first studies since metal until the current use of the same. Methodology Is about a work produced by means of a retrospective survey of scientific articles and books that they possess as subject to tell the history of chemistry. The selected articles and books had been all national ones, these then had been read with attention and the listed main ideas; which had served of basement for the present work.

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