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It is not let Win, Always there are Alternatives To improve its style of Life and Health. If you are one of the so many people whom gastritis undergoes, there are alternatives that can help to improve their style of life and health. Those spasms or the sudden abdominal pains that feel, can badly be caused by this annoying when causing sudden inflammation of the gastric mucosa that surrounds the stomach internamente. Some or several of these factors can be the people in charge of their malaise: – Irritating medecines (antiinflammatories nonsteroids). – One night with great amount of liquor. – To smoke. – Intense stress. – Infection by Helicobacter Pylori.

– Food consumption that increases the secretion of acids in the stomach, irritating the gastric mucosa. Learn more at: John Blondel. Each case is different and following this it can describe the acute or chronic gastritis like. When this happens, he is advisable to leave the stomach rests and it drains after a strong spasm of gastritis, thus it allows that the gastric mucosa heals a little. Dietetic recommendations – The following foods are irritate the gastric mucosa and as far as possible it must avoid them: coffee? strong condiments (pepper, Chile, sauces to season)? alcohol? citric foods (orange, lemon, pineapple, strawberries). – It takes water enough during the day, at least 8 glasses. – It tries to avoid to consume greasy foods, these slow down the process of gastric evacuating and increases to the secretion of acid in the stomach, causing more pain: Butter? Cheese cream? Yellow cheese? Custard? Inlays (sausage, garlic sausage)? Frituras? Food scrap iron (eaten fast) – It avoids the consumption of aspirins or effervescent tablets, because they are irritating for the stomach. – It increases the consumption of fiber in its diet: Fruits (consmalas preferably with rind), except citruses. Apples? Peach tree s? Banana tree? Watermelon? Melon? Papaya? Plums, n n – It tries to include in his food a fiber source by each portion of food.

– It controls his stress, because it increases the secretion acid of the stomach and irritates the mucosa, producing pain and spasm in the stomach. In order to control it is stress is recommended to him to make exercise daily, at least half an hour to the day. The reactions of the body to all these recommendations vary according to each person, for that reason it listens to his body with each change that does in its daily routine, consults its doctor and has a balanced diet. Mnica Peace is a writer experimented with many years of experience in the health subjects.

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