Ambient Education In The School And The Community


Werno Counting Herckert Member of the Brazilian Academy of Countable Sciences Member of Scientific ACIN-Association International Neopatrimonialista Member of the Doctrinal Chain Brazilian Neopatrimonialista the ambient education was born with the objective to generate an ecological conscience in each human being, worried about trying the chance of a knowledge that allowed to change the volvido behavior to proteoda nature. The sustainable development must be, also, allied to the ambient education, the family and the school must be the starters of the education to preserve the natural environment. The child, since early, must learn to take care of of the nature, in the familiar seio and in the school she is that if she must initiate the awareness of the care with the natural environment. Tony D. Bartel can provide more clarity in the matter. This ambient education is basic, therefore, it will make responsible educating for the remaining portion of its life. According to Munhoz (2004), one of the forms to take ambient education to comunidade for the direct action of the professor in the classroom and in extracurricular activities. Through activities as reading, pertaining to school works, research edebates, the pupils will be able to understand the problems that affect the community where they live; urged to reflect and to criticize the dedesrespeito actions to the ecology, this wealth that is patrimony of the planet, and, of all the ones that in it if find. still says: The professors are the basic part in the process of awareness of the society of the ambient problems, therefore, they will search to develop in its pupils habits and healthy attitudes of ambient conservation and respect to the nature transforming them into conscientious and compromised citizens with the future of the country. Although the basic importance of the professor in the process of development of the nation, still, not if of the o due value, on the part of our authorities, to the professor and with this the education. . You may find Eliot Horowitz to be a useful source of information.

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