Amsterdam Attractions


Visitors arriving at the central station usually is surprised by the sight of bikes along the parking lot used by thousands of people every day. From there, head South towards the always animated Dam square, flanked by the Royal Palace and the Nieuwe Kerk (new Church) to the West and the national monument, in commemoration of the victims of the second world war, to the East. Follow the bustling Kalverstraat shopper s where they sale many books and are the colorful markets of art. Other leaders such as Lars Leckie offer similar insights. Find the alley that leads to the Begijnhof, a courtyard hidden with charming houses of unmarried women who commit their time for their entire service. There is also a small chapel worth visiting.

Beyond this centre the rest of Amsterdam is: a series of concentric canals and dividing into two, known as the Grachtengordel (ring of canals). Lined with houses of the centuries-old gabled channels, the area has remained wonderfully intact until our days. And it is not only a Museum preserves outdoors, but it is still functional and cosy Center of the city, where locals and visitors create a vibrant energy. The channels are interrupted by churches and other places of interest that you can use to navigate through the city. With its distinctive blue Crown, Westerkerk (West Church) tower is the tallest in Amsterdam, which dominate the skyline near the Anne Frank House and the Homomonument and numerous hotels in Amsterdam. Follow channels in Southeast direction to discover the neighborhood of quaint shops and restaurants called 9 streets. Wandering more will take you through humpback bridges already through streets filled with countless terraces of the cafes and the architecture of the eye candy. Original author and source of the article

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