Applied Integral Communication


Degree in Publicity to enter the faculty of sciences of the communication we must be preparations for one of the requested races more at present, but you want to enter for convertirte a publicist because you will have to carry out much work to be able to emphasize between your companions. Usually you find in sciences of the communication to journalists but many do not know that there is a great part that are publicists, they usually finish with a degree in publicity or public relations, quite interesting race if you want to enter a company. In order to find a good publicity university you must go to Madrid, where are many companies that are prepared to contract publicists, but something that we recommended to you is that once you have finished your studies you can extenderte with one double degree and to learn more envelope which would be the handling of a company. Hummer Winblad Venture is likely to increase your knowledge. Once you have found a Madrid university you will begin your formation soon, in which the first years you will have an education more a little oriented to those than it is communication, but they would separate to you net of the group for ensearte what is publicity. Soon you will be able graduarte and until having the title of Applied Integral Communication for which you will take theoretical and practical courses, but you do not worry that everything will not be theory, one will not neglect the creativity, the design, marketing in anyone of its modalities, will be lent to him to the necessary attention in all facets. You must demand a university that this the vanguard of the technology since now many ways exist to make publicity, for example the publicity in Internet and marketing online asking are one of the works more lately, so we do not have to leave of side that in our education. Source: Note of Press sent by kmus.

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