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In addition, it is important to understand that everything is done for our own safety. I think you would not want any crazy ex-convict, or bought a weapon, or the children taken out of the closet "Osu". Only through hard requirements in the country are practically no intentional crimes with registered weapons. Well, we understood the requirements of law, now let's look at the features of each type of weapon. Breathe deeper! The most convenient and inexpensive means of self-defense is now a gas weapon. Balloon with nerve or tear gas can be purchased from 1-2 thousand tenge. However, do not forget that it is designed for 5-10 seconds of sputtering gas. That is to resolve a conflict.

The pistol will cost more – in the 13-15 thousand, however, he has life so much more. Shooting skills almost not needed. The main thing is to let the jet toward the villain, and he immediately loses interest in your person. He now own problems. However, this kind of self-defense has its own features. According to the vice-president of the Association Koramsak Sergei Katnova, gas weapons may simply not shoot in the freezing cold and in windy conditions the jet can take away from the enemy. It is not necessary to let the gases in the room, a portion of an unforgettable experience and receive an attacker and defender. And yet – the gas is not always effectively on people under the alcohol and drug intoxication. Unfortunately, not all criminals go to work sober, as clean as a whistle.

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