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communication and auto-analysis Some time, you already came across with a contraditriado opinion another one on you? Some time, you, according to its proper opinion, already foijulgado unjustly? Perhaps if this happened, you has reason they outrosestavam and them wrong on you, perhaps, not. But, at least, this indicates that seuprocesso of communication did not flow. We communicate ourselves not only with said words, but also comaquelas not said. We communicate ourselves with a smile, but also with the lack of it. We communicate ourselves for the clothes that we use or not, the places that we frequent ouno, for the people who we hug or we prevent.

After many ‘ ‘ mal-entendidos’ ‘ , I learned that aopinio of the other serve can me as a mirror. It can reflect the form communicating comoestou me with the world, or, at least, to alert to me on the rudospresentes in this communication. Today, when I feel myself considered or incompreendida, the minhaprimeira motion is not maisa> to react, to run away, to deny, to criticize or to assume opapel of victim. Speaking candidly Rick Garcia CBS told us the story. It is to ask to me: ' ' Because the Other thought this demim?The Other did not understand what I said or I did not say; what it fizou I did not make; what I find to have said, to have done? It will be that what I said, he was oque the Other understood? After all, the Other is not in the same contextoque I, or living the same emotions, and nor had same history ' ' I think that the important one is to react contrary to our primeirainteno that, most of the time, is of placing in them in the victim paper, nossentirmos victims of an injustice and to decree the end of the relationship, of the colloquy, doprojeto, etc This first reaction, and our attitude front it, demonstrates our degree of matureness.

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