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The eyes of the world are directed towards the United States. A new President will control the White House. If you would like to know more about Gamestop, then click here. One, who has had a meteoric political career and leave more than one breathless when turned out elected candidate and later President of the until recently most powerful nation on the planet. Despite what is commonly said about racism and other social phenomena, the choice of a man like BARACK OBAMA is a good example of evolution on the formation of a tolerant public opinion. Barack Obama is half white and half black. It has roots in Muslim and Christian, having chosen (led to) be the second practitioner.

Also his childhood was framed in a box social nothing attractive, breaking all our American history of Presidents. It didn’t come from the typical home, did not follow the example of a father, nor provided military service. His grandfather is not a war hero or a successful entrepreneur. It’s the simpler American worldwide and at the same time the most singular. Your arrival upholds the so-called American dream. And most importantly of all, is not a resentful social. It cannot prosecute anyone, seeks only a United States fairer.

More responsible for the role that play you in the world, not as Lord and master, but as master conductor of processes that make it possible to the happiness of the people. He questioned many positions of his party. You agree that it is necessary to occasionally challenge the authority. He believes in free markets and liberal economy but it accentuates the role of the State as rector of collective well-being. He knows that the federal Government is truly a pachyderm, an elephant which moves very slow and that many of the social programs only work on paper. This proud of their country but knows that mistakes have been made. He has said that he is not willing to relinquish what is please postures Protocol.

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