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In view of such concept, the professionals of Social Service still act with a certain distanciamento of social Reals mazelas the one that the indians are acometidos, since the intervention if only makes in the quality of representatives of the FUNAI, from purely assistencialistas interventions. Such actions produce little interference in the process of emancipation of the aboriginal communities, establishing an absent relation of consistency and support, in view of that the public politics of social character that the rights would have to universalizar and to foment the activity of the social assistants – in attention the real necessities of this population contingent, intent beyond the basic requirements of subsistence to the guarantee of perpetuation of its etnia and cultural diversity – they characterize themselves as insignificant and inexpressivas in the Brazilian social dynamics. From the constatao of that the interests of the indians if oppose to the interests of the great large estate owners, one identifies to the main reason for the positivao difficulty and efetivao of the aboriginal rights in our country. In this direction, and respect to the project ethical-politician of the profession, the Social Service possesss scientific qualifications in the proposal, joint and implementation of public politics that recognize the aboriginal social demands fully, in order to all fill the curses generated mainly from the operating state intransigncia during the colonial period. It is exactly from these you strike that the principiolgico objective of the profession could be express, contracting thus bigger visibility and staff resulted in the Brazilian dynamics social, and over all reflected significant in the conformation of the social mentality on the thematic one. On the other hand, the politics of education of the aboriginal communities have if appropriate of some benefits, motivated for other social movements. One of conquests guarantee of quotas for the indians in Federal Universities is mentioned to it, as well as the practical one of educational projects developed for the implementation and destination of resources to the aboriginal communities. .

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