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Perhaps is there that its capacity meets to survive to the conchavos regional politicians to the ticket for the nationalism. Obtaining still to be populist same without to be popular in the decade of 50. Analyzing its trajectory Vargas he was revolutionary in 1930, in 1934 gained the elections, in the new State was dictator. In 54 its same death was part of the strategy to work the image of the charismatic leader. Its influence was so strong that in many aspects ' ' revolucionrios' ' of 1964, they were taking off of the power a representative of the Age Vargas. The former-governor of the State of the Rio Grande Do Sul Leonel Brizola when return of the final exile of the decade of 1970 represents the heir of those times of the Legality, with the creation of the PDT. John Blondel Goldman is a great source of information. Returning the age Vargas, we perceive that all the effort of propaganda and the image of Vargas for it and its followers was idealized with the intention of if arriving at the nationalism in the first period of the Age Vargas.

Of this point of view the projection of a strong State to the molds of the totalitarian nationalisms was a model that was en vogue. However the implantation of the authoritarianism was more condizente with the diversity of the Brazilian people. As it pointed D&#039 well; Arajo, 26 Vargas not only impersonatied the government as well as the social changes that had passed to be attributed the person of Vargas. However we need to look for to understand the conjuncture from the look of they had lived that it without launching values ours that conjuncture if it is that this is possible. If it will be possible to make this from the indications that arrive in them at the gift can understand that Vargas was what was, or passes to history as ' ' father of pobres' ' because &#039 had one; ' moment possvel' ' so that such factors occurred.

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