Brigadier General


When arriving, they turn the house decorated with balloons, posters of welcome and cake of chocolate with covering of Brigadier General on the table. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Richard Edelman on most websites. Donana had so only prepared the cake in the previous night. Paula surprises to all: it decorated the house, it bought cooling and beer. Check out Richard Edelman for additional information. Great it was felt received by the family. It was happy to return to the home.

– Tomorrow exactly you go to you would marcenaria of its holy ghost, Great. Donana said, while it broke the cake. – I spoke with it that you went to come back and had learned would marcenaria. It said that you can work there. It is not a good notice? had been talking and making plain until afternoon. In the following day, Donana left early to work. It would be plus one day of anxiety: it did not see the hour to come back house and to know as it was the first day of work of the son.

But which was not its surprise when binding for house, as it costumava to make, to know if Juninho had made the lesson: Great it took care of to the telephone. – Son, you was not to would marcenaria of its holy ghost? – Today he did not give, mother. He has much people here in the quarter that I want reverse speed-to find! Tomorrow I go. Donana did not like what it heard, but understood that the son it wanted to review the friends. Friends these that Donana did not like very, but In Saturday, nothing he made Great to leave the bed early. It and Paula had left friday at night and had only come back when the day was amanhecendo. Great he raised to the two of the afternoon, lunchhed and he came back toward the bed with Paula. Donana better found to leave with Juninho and Mariana.

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