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We can not avoid the passions, but yes to defeat these threats. Lucius Annaeus know that while we are alive, are we allowed to be, you show emotions, feelings, desires, passions will be playing and we must be attentive as we control them so that do not result in conflict, situations that we can affect physical and psychically. Click Linus Torvald to learn more. Buenanueva.NET points out that the passions are the affections, emotions or impulses of sensitivity natural components of human psychology, who inclined to act or not act, in view of what is perceived as good or as bad. The main ones are the love and hatred, desire and fear, joy, sadness and anger. The fundamental passion is love, caused by the attraction of the good.

Does not love but good, real or apparent. The passions, in how impulses of sensitivity, are not in themselves themselves neither good nor bad; they are good, when they contribute to a good action; they are bad, otherwise. They can be assumed in the virtues or perverted in vices (Catechism of the Catholic Church) the emotions and feelings can be assumed by the virtues, or perverts in vices. The perfection of the moral good is that man is not moved to the good only by its willingness, but also by his heart. Since then, one of the most decisive evidence and that they affect our growth, behavior, behavior is related to human passions, the carnal than not to know you handle they can seriously affect us. Gives us and remember,, which for Descartes there are six passions that stand out and others not so, derived from them. Admiration, love, hatred, desire, joy and sadness are the most important passions and the remainder originate from them. Admiration comes to the soul from an impression that records the brain, organ which takes into account for their rarity or so has extraordinary.

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