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Central African Disasters at Artieda 2011

Central African Disasters


Nobody talks about malaria, AIDS or Central African drought while the news is the tsunami. And this, in turn, passes to the trunk of memories at the time that the figures and images become repetitive. Governments and the population in general respond in similar terms to the shocks of natural disasters that frequently occur. Many social organizations in donor countries trying with continued effort educating its population with a pedagogy of cooperation that do understand the complexity of this to put it into practice. This process includes giving priority to sustained cooperation and development that attacks the very roots of poverty. It’s that people fall into the account of the importance of programmes long term including the production of goods of first necessity, the encouragement of employment, the improvement of educational and sanitary conditions, the creation of infrastructures, etc.

Projects made by the native population, with strong social participation, transparent and with a high degree of efficiency for the environment where they are applied. It is as much as give prominence to the normality of the day of a society. Said in another way, also a way to proactively combat natural disasters, since a structured society and strong can tackle them with greater assurance. However, audiences remain more sensitive to a timely disaster of dramatic consequences, with stark images. Flocked and sudden pain makes countless props and an excessive body heat to get. They are the moments, moreover, that some organizations with few scruples have leveraged to attract resources and partners. We are a global challenge ahead, get the structure of aid in disasters will strengthen to the extent that is shortly to improvise when intervention becomes necessary. But without sustained cooperation at the develop suffer no loss. It is as important to act in emergency, how to maintain a responsible, constant and rigorous attitude about the myriad of causes which produce calamities on the planet.

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