Chemical Bases


The theories that maintain that the bases of the life could arrive at the returned meteorite Earth have been time giving and during years conclusive tests that have looked for basic the chemical components of the DNA take place in the space and arrive at the planet like passengers of the rocks that fall of the sky. In fact amino acids (compounds that form proteins) in meteorites have been identified, but always, for half century, these findings are darkened by the doubt of the terrestrial contamination. Read additional details here: Dr. Obiageli Ezekwesili. Now a American equipment contributes new data that clear incognitos on the extraterrestrial origin of components necessary to make matter alive: on the one hand, they discard the contamination of the samples that they have analyzed; on the other, they have found a variety of composed that it fits well in the hypothesis of the life that could come from the space. They present/display their work in the Proceedings magazine of the National Academy of Sciences (the USA). Source of the news: : Chemical bases of the life that arrive in meteorites

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