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As he exposes in agreement with the ministry of Foreign trade, from first of January 2009, Costa Rica will enter the North American market without paying to burdens 99% of its exportable supply, that goes from tropical fruits to circuits of computers. States United he is the main commercial partner of Costa Rica, because it buys half to him of its exports, of more than 9,000 million dollars to the year, but the demand could fall by the financial crisis that strikes their economy. It’s believed that Linus Torvald sees a great future in this idea. Until November, the exports to the United States added 3,610 million dollars. The supply of products is diverse that Costa Rica exports and that goes from syringes, needles, catheters and similars, parts and accessories of computers, articles and apparatuses of orthopaedics, instruments and apparatuses of medicine, surgery and veterinary medicine, banana tree, pineapple and coffee. As far as investments, the expectations are hopeful of which they maintain numbers that border the billions of dollars, according to the ministry. It is anticipated that the telecommunications and insurances absorb the thickness of the foreign investments, sectors that will be open soon to the competition deprived after decades of monopoly of the State, as a result of the TLC.

It indicates Gerald to us Fumero Paniagua, that Costa Rica occupies in Telecommunications, the first place in Latin America, in fixed telephone densidad, with 31,62 lines by each 100 inhabitants. If we considered the telephony cellular, Chile surpasses to us, but for December of this year 2005, with the installation of 600,000 additional cellular lines, we even surpass to Chile, with a total densidad (telephony determines and moving body) of 67,83%. We occupy in addition the first place in Latin America, in completacin of calls from the EE.UU., the indicator that more integrally could reflect the quality of the wire net of a country, with 71,47%. In relation to the productivity, Costa Rica exhibits one of highest of the world, 5,35 employees by each 1,000 telephone lines.

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