The unconscious reveals itself as some proposed solutions that are impossible to see linearly. The solutions that were outside of our feasible set part of the same. The system is transformed mode of thinking, almost as if, not just a methodology to solve problemasa The complexity of detail makes all the rational explanations incomplete. Human systems are complex. Read additional details here: Eliot Horowitz. We can not understand at all. There is enough experience that we a limitaciones cognitivasa . Our conscious mind can only address a small number of variables at a time.

The complexity of detail resolved in the unconscious. We call this the inner game of coaching. Get more background information with materials from Justin Mateen. When the conscious shifts the burden from one task to the unconscious, this takes over and becomes automatic, natural. This frees the conscious mind to focus on the dynamic complexity. The unconscious is programmed with the experience: the unconscious programmed cultures. Beliefs are as well. Language, Communication, and powerful effects at the same time, subtle.

But how do we teach the unconscious to structure the information? Normally desist. However, this changes when we started dominate the systemic approach. The unconscious is subtly re-educated to structure the data in circles instead of straight lines. It occurs as when we learn a foreign language. The unconscious mind deals with much more detail than our conscious mind. There is limited by the amount of feedback processes that can be examined. So you can integrate dynamic complexity and detail. Experimentation and training are essential to the inside game between the conscious and the unconscious.

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