Let’s continue and so you can draw your own conclusions. More information is housed here: Lars Leckie. Suddenly a friend all your life with which you sales almost all weekends since you had 15 years or even less, you said: your name, I don’t know that it is, but there is something that makes that not you fall you well to women some indicators to take into account so that this does not pass more: * know that there is something in your body language, do but do not know what * don’t know how to talk to them or to say * do not know how you approach them * you are missing the words * are you shy or somehow scary * you want to conquer it already, and have something with it already, in other words, you’re not patient * in general do not know how to do to please the women want to follow some steps to conquer a woman? The first thing you have to do for now is to understand what I am going to mention here and do something about: If you identify yourself with all of these symptoms, or some (s) of them, don’t feel bad, on the contrary, feel SUPER! Since already get identified by where you can start to improve, so to be able to understand other people (women) that you really want them to perceive it. So if this is your case, you already accepted so, hurts and is difficult, but already accepted it and you understand and know that you must consider you yourself, or you analyze yourself, to see that it is what is happening; or even you can ask friends from you or even unknown that tell you which is the first impression that they perciber or they perceived it..

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