EROSKI/CONSUMER appliances designed to deter intruders and advertise their presence to the inhabitants of the House. It’s presence sensors, alarm boxes or audible signal devices. Before installing them study the entrances to the House and its weaker points. Alarms devices protect the most vulnerable areas of the exterior and the interior of the House, in addition to alert their inhabitants and the security services that some intruder accessed it with little legitimate intentions. Presence sensors, boxes and keyboards of alarm or audible signal devices. The different components of an alarm system can be connected with or without cables.

The prerequisite is a detailed study of the possible access to housing and more weaknesses in this. Recalls Consumer/Eroski who alarms, sensors and other safety devices are designed to alert the inhabitants of a House of the presence of an intruder or to scare away this and notify the outside that something happens. These latest devices include external sirens, the intermittent lighting devices, telephone advertisers and medallions of urgency. The first two emit sound or light signals to the outside of the House when a friend of the alien attempts to access this. Sensors, detectors and advertisers advertisers phone connects to a telephone, fixed or mobile line, and generate calls to multiple numbers programmed beforehand in case of danger. A fourth device, medallions of urgency, allow you to trigger an alarm or generate automated phone calls to family members or a reception centre for alerts. Sensors or presence detectors alert the inhabitants of a House that someone has agreed to this. There are opening detectors that consist of two parts, one of which is placed in the frame of a door or window and another in opening leaf. To open the latter, blades are separated from the magnet and the alarm is activated. Volumetric detectors reveal the presence of a person by his movement.

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