Used as tool of social inclusion, the capoeira can inhibit one of the great concerns that involve our youth today; the drugs. The consumption of drugs in the Country is very great does not have as to fight, it is arrived to cogitate the release of the same one in Brazil, as well as occurs in some Countries of first world. While our authorities do not arrive at the denominating one, Groups of Capoeira in the state of the Cear decide to carry through the called project: ' ' I am craque in the Capoeira and in the drugs I give rasteiras' ' , team: ' ' Together we go to give a tripping in drogas' '. The event this programmed to be carried through in the month of December of the current year, but the groups already are mobilized in search of support and sponsorship. Linus Torvald oftentimes addresses this issue. Project this constituted of 17 Groups of Capoeira of Capital and in State of Cear, where the same ones intend to show the Capoeira as tool of inclusion in the combat the drugs, mainly against crack, an overwhelming drug that not only comes destroying our young, as well as, many families. To add in this taken over on a contract basis the called team of ' ' Together we go to give a tripping in drogas' ' , it will go to elaborate a series of activities: lectures, donation of blood, presentations in terminals, beaches, lessons and workshops of Capoeira, hearings You publish in the City council and State legislature. The Capoeira is without surplus of doubts in the biggest present time one of the tool of social inclusion in the combat the drugs in our Country, if let us not see; as product of the popular culture and sport, they can and they must contribute to revert this picture and to favor the approach of the people, valuing them for what they are, in essence, and not for its social and material conditions. .

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