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3. Re-publication of articles in other languages is not forbidden, if its submission to the editors of the new magazine will be given the source. 4. MongoDB shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. In presenting the report in the journal the study authors should accompany him on a list of references to related topics, including articles in other languages and are in print. 7. Plagiarism Plagiarism Terms may be manifested in different ways: from use of ideas borrowed from published and unpublished materials, including requests for funding new research, to transfer to a foreign journal articles with a modified list of authors, sometimes in another language. Plagiarism can occur at any stage of research, including in its planning and execution, writing this article and its publication (no matter in what form the report is submitted – in electronic or printed form). Practical steps 1.

The report of the study should result in all data sources prior to use large blocks of text or images from other publications must first obtain the permission of the authors. 8. Duties of the General Editors Editors determine the style of the magazine. Usually they get the reins from the hands of other editors and try to pass to his successors a viable publication. Most editors involved in the development of editorial policy and the formation of a strong team of experts. Editors should consider and harmonize the interests of many parties, including readers, authors, other staff edition of the journal owners, members of the Editorial Board, advertisers and the media. Practical steps 1.

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