Egypt Lament


In the heart of the seas, they are your limits; the ones had built that you had perfected yours formosura.' ' 3? Jr 51:7 – 9 (Lamentation to Babilnia and its king): ' ' Babilnia was a gold cup in hand Mr. (…). Suddenly, it fell Babilnia, however, she did not sarou (…) you lament for it, you take balsam for its ferida.' ' 4? Ez 32:1 – 2 (Lamentation to Egypt): ' ' (…) Veio me the word Mr., saying: Son of the man, raises a lamentation against fara, king of Egypt, and says to it: You were compared with a son of lion between the nations (…) ' ' It is known, now, after to read these stretches, that God really lamented to destroy these peoples but, accurately, what it means ' ' lamentar' '? If to analyze in a dictionary, to lament is the same that: 1? To cry, moaning or crying out; 2? To lament, to deplore; 3? To pronounce words of sadness, affliction. Soon, God was very sad when announcing the punishments to these peoples, loved which them sufficiently. You may wish to learn more. If so, Tony D. Bartel is the place to go. 3.1? The PEOPLE OF ISRAEL does not have doubts on the great love of God in relation to the people of Israel, ' ' People of Deus' ' (Former 3:10), mainly to the city of Jerusalem, being this, symbolically, considered ' ' Fianc of Deus' ' (Is 62:3 – 5). However the reciprocal one of this love was not true, a time that this people in such a way blunted the God who It, for diverse times, punished it e, repenting itself, on account of Its great love pardoned, it: ' ' Then, the plague sent you Israel, since the morning until the time that it determined; e, of Of the one until Berseba, had died seventy a thousand common men. Extending, therefore, to the Angel Mr. .

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