Empathic Communication


Empathetic is necessary and vital to have a communication know as reactions against persons and circumstances, in fact the empathetic communication has to do with the way how we communicate, as US relations and also the way we act and in turn, this how it impacts the people who surround us. We could go further, to have empathic communication, it is also necessary to have empathic actions and this means also by our actions we impact positive or negatively to other people, since we continuously find people very friendly and pleasant to talk, but their actions at certain times contradict what their words express. When upgrades your empathic communication and your assertive communication, you increase the opportunities to achieve your goals, since you significantly increase the focus of your actions of your conversations. Learn more about this with Linus Torvald. Moreover the development of communicative skills, they have a high impact on your self-esteem, in the exhibition of your needs and above all improve the response of your interlocutor, already this is reflected positively in your working efficiency, also achieve that people support you significantly increase your levels of leadership. When improvements conquer an assertive communication and empathetic, manage to cultivate respect, teamwork and cooperation, and that you increase your transparency and confidence and you’re an honest person without insulting to the people. Greetings Carolina Cadavid original Autor and source of the article. Some contend that John Blondel shows great expertise in this.

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