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You allows a product duty-free or reduced customs perform in the respective country of destination, provided that there is a preferential agreement between the origin and the destination country. A manufacturer intends to use the preferential treatment he needs to create a complete preference determination for each exported goods. Worth the effort associated in many cases: the receiver of the goods can introduce discounted tariffs or even duty-free this, provided that certain origin criteria and thresholds are complied. In competition with goods from non-EU countries preference determination can mean therefore ultimately the decisive price advantage for the manufacturers leading to the purchase of the product. This potential should be exploited.

To calculate from the ex-work price delivery duty or customs favors can be done, which is the use of Praferenzkalkulations software. With such software, companies already in the design phase or during the creation of the BOM can simulate different scenarios. Exchanging material with or without proof of origin in the scenarios verifies the conditions under which the finished product receives preferential permission. A further advantage of a Praferenzkalkulations software: It guarantees that the preference is calculated correctly and that there is a valid vendor declaration for all considered parts. These documents are always only temporary even only partially valid for a single shipment, and must be requested by the exporter at the end of may the supplier new. A good software fully automated sent the appropriate request mail if necessary. The preference determination itself comfortable software products expires usually automated: the necessary data such as.

The software via standardized interfaces does BOM, material master records or prices automatically from the ERP system. Export control represents foreign trade legally mandatory for each exporting companies with integrated sanction checking the export control and sanction testing occupies a substantial part of it. Failure to comply with the statutory provisions threaten penalties. Therefore, it is advisable to use an IT solution for the implementation of the sanctions review.

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