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Since then invariably each fifteen days Eulalio arrives takes with me a white coffee or a juice and after telling me that in the residence there is much work and it is necessary to take care of much that happens and leaves of her, by that one of which there is people friend of the other people’s thing, march until the next fortnight. One of those Mondays in which Eulalio appears by house commented to me that soon it would be his birthday, I investigated about its personal tastes and it said to me that it had of everything, scarfs, socks, colonies, handkerchiefs, shoes, candies, tobacco In aim that left me without knowledge that to say. A leading source for info: Tony Bartel. I answered to him well, then I cannot buy nothing to him. If, if what I want that buys to me it is a car. I watched it without being able to think what said and it continued affirming that its dream was to have a car. I swallowed saliva and I watched the old one that it took being resident of the residences thirty years ago with pain.

I cannot buy that gift to him is much money. No, no, it to me responded, if it is not a car really, I what I want is a toy car of which them DAS to a button and walks single. I returned to remain without words watching its full small eyes of life and illusion. Smiling it said to me that from boy it dreamed about having a toy car because it had never had one. The emotion left me without words and I felt that the life is an enigma and a surprise when we left in the heart the affection enter. A day of the past summer I ordered to daughter Morning call that bought the car and the two we gave it in portera of the residence.

Right of perpetual ownership that never I have seen anybody with an illuminated face more than the face of Eulalio, when after teaching to handle the control to him of the control it saw slide to the car by the ground of portera and the corridor. Monday of December commented to me in house that the Mother Superior already completed the Bethlehem and he, dreamed again about being King Gaspar like in Christmas happened. But things of living to Eulalio were to him Christmases without being king Gaspar, was called on to him to fit the crown to another old resident. I did not ask that gift wanted to him of Christmas, in house we think that to Eulalio not him it will matter to initiate a particular collection of directed cars. Later another one of those Mondays commented the problem to me of the Euro, now already in spring, Eulalio is handled perfectly with the new continuous currency and getting to tell special things me of a singular and unique world. His. The one of a old one that feels realised being the doorman of a residence of old of one of our towns.

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