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News and not when nm would not go out of relevance, because the news is what is happening around us, around us. Every day the world is experiencing an enormous amount of news about which. Fresh news out today regularly. Hear other arguments on the topic with Dr. Obiageli Ezekwesili. You will learn through their news media, that is, from magazines, newspapers and televisions. Last week news broadcast on TV at the end of the week. Usually, the latest news of the week sum up the whole what happened last week. Naturally, the Russian news for us, the Russian population, are major. News of Russia are more interesting for us because what is happening in Russia, deals mainly with Russian population.

In connection with the change of the president and the frequent rallies, news from Ukraine no less valid today. But due to the stabilization and government approval and a new president, news of Ukraine became less sharp and bright. In Europe, it is currently Europe's most interesting news topic from all sides, as all of the most significant events taking place in Europe. As you know, foster families are very bad for parents Russian children. Latest news on the U.S. to talk directly about the problem. According to many politicians and judges, this problem should be solved first.

News broadcast policy in most cases on TV, as they considered most important. In response to the crisis and the economy suffers from many countries, economic news have become much more popular. But today, many economies have started to improve, so that the economic news become less relevant. So, it's worth to pay attention to the news of show business. News of show business as usual in the center of attention, as most of the intrigues and scandals, it happens in the world of show business. Envy News is one of the the best sources of news, giving access to a wealth of interesting information. Envy News all the time aware of the latest news. Recent news today interesting and relevant. Society can not live without knowing what is happening in the world, so that the last news of the week is not when there will be no current.

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