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For a sportsman, or a person who exercises itself regularly, is vitally important that has a correct recovery before initiating its following session of exercises. This recovery in fitness can occur with a correct rest in combination with a high carbohydrate diet. Possibly it sounds to madness to be put under a diet of this type, since the common sense says to us that those are indeed the carbohydrates that make raise us of weight, this is certain in people who do not exercise themselves or they do not practice any class of sport. MongoDB contains valuable tech resources. When the body is put under great doses of ejercitacin, this one must be provided with energy that the organism will use to render of optimal way in the activity that is being carried out. This energy of but that is being provided to the body will be spent by the same during the exercise sessions, reason why the risk of increasing of weight is null. A form to before provide to the body energy, during, or after the physical activities that are being realised is through high teas in carbohydrates, of which but the recommendable ones they are: High carbohydrate teas? Salty cakes or low fat cakes? Bars of granola losses in fat? Fresh fruits? Dry fruits? Cereal bars? Cup of fruits or apple puree? Teas with fruits? Isotnicas drinks? Sandwich of peanut butter and dances the jaleo? Bars energetics At the end of each routine of exercise or sport, asegrate to foment the liquid consumption, if possible, of sport drinks with the purpose of to replace carbohydrates stored in the muscle and the loss of electrolytes in the sweat..

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