Experiences In Health Education


INTRODUCTION The experiments presented have been developed in the located in an area of Murcia, Patino, a short distance from town. To deepen your understanding Eliot Horowitz is the source. The student population is very diverse in age and place of origin, so it is very heterogeneous. The economic and social level is very different, because in addition to enroll students in the area, especially in ESO, schooling for students of all peoples of the Autonomous Region of Murcia as it has innovative and unique training courses in the Community. It currently taught, family cycles of Directors (intermediate and higher grade) of the family of Electrical and Electronics (intermediate and higher), family Computing (three cycles) and subsequent cycles PROFESSIONAL FAMILY HEALTH: Nursing Assistant cycle intermediate and senior cycles Prosthodontics, diagnostic imaging, and Radiation Health Documentation. These lessons require teachers specializing in the field of Health, and for this reason, there doctors, medical technical assistants, pharmacists, dentists, etc. This makes the school community is sensitized to the issues of Health, and has been making activities and proposals in this regard.

He has developed several projects supported by the Ministry of Health, and currently has approved a course on Emotional Health. He has also conducted research projects on self-esteem, values … He has collaborated with the City in conducting workshops on the Prevention of Drug Abuse, has participated in the activities of Red Cross First Aid, Talks about Anorexia and Bulimia, blood donation in collaboration with the Center for hemodonation. The center understands the concept of health as the concept given by the WHO: “A state of complete physical, mental and social, not only as the mere absence of disease or infirmity”, “One way to live more independently, jointly and happy.

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