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In 2005, Philip Kotler was considered the room biggest guru business-oriented for Financial Times and detaches to follow, between some thoughts, two of most emblematic: ‘ ‘ Social nets, are a latest world, where these colloquies will have more influences of what comerciais.’ ‘ , and ‘ ‘ But if the money (of a company) will be scarce, will need to be more intelligent and to construct its reputation of cheaper form, almost person for person. An option is to create lists of e-mails and to twist so that the propaganda mouth the mouth if espalhe.’ ‘ This famous professor of marketing through above transcribing citations, touches in colon basic: Social nets and Reputation (and of cheap form). Contact information is here: Lars Leckie. Already they had said, that if the Facebook was a country, would be third of the world with 500 million ‘ ‘ habitantes’ ‘ in 2011 will be the first one with 1,5 billion of followers. Kotler, of this form ahead places in them of an inexorable reality, the advertising, especially of the TV, will have each time little importance and image/mark of its product, or the reputation of its organization, will be constructed (or destroyed) for the Internet. To be worried about the reputation is not a newness in the world of the businesses, however the fact to detach is the new values that the society (consuming) attributes to the marks and the speed and risk with that this happens.

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