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Closed and more for free the regional job portal for free is a Joomla-based portal, which free to help work and Projektsuchenden in Hannover to find suitable jobs or jobs. At the beginning of the year due to continued attacks of hackers was forced to go by the network. Since the portal has no commercial background, and the financial resources for the operation of the portal are severely restricted, Ulrich Schmitz has forced this action. The background of this action: The former portal running Joomla 1.x, and hitherto unexplained manner repeatedly foreign hackers succeeded in cheating the well-attended Internet portal (at the time every day about 200 job seekers with over 5,000 clicks) with advertising links, which were partially housed in areas not visible to the Viewer. Aim of this hacker action: improve the ranking in Google for the shop pages linked.

After the content management system Joomla now in a new and more secure version 1.5 on the market is, the portal completely newly developed Ulrich Schmitz. Some safety-critical functions such as, for example, a guestbook page have been omitted. For improved interfacing with new project and job providers. Since June 1, the portal is now back online, and enjoys daily increasing numbers of users. The offered mini-jobs, vacancies and IT projects are doing daily, and are automatically for maximum 30 days away.

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