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John H. Myers who had another great teacher tells us: Dale Frey, a veteran 40 years of experiencaia, with whom he had the privelegio work at General Electric. Recently Rick Garcia sought to clarify these questions. Then that Frey’s withdrawal from the business being the General Electric presidende, they chose John H. Myers to replace it.

At the time, Dale worked with John, John is realized that was an aggressive and inspiring leader with a great instinct for business which always sought to have an open dialogue with the people who worked for him. Then he learned many things from him but I especially highlight a Council so that you can apply in your negocio-empresa – microemprendimiento. When John H. Myers and Dale Frey had a slight disagreement about the pros and cons of a new business strategy that Dale wanted to push through the international organization, then was presented to John H. Myers a good opportunity to learn from this great man.

After having talked about this opportunity to a new negocio-emprendimiento then met with the directors of the offices of finance and Dale asked John that exposed the new strategy. Then John explain the new business the meeting became a field of battle that neither John nor the directors of finance agreed with the new business strategy. After this he intervened Dale Frey and informed them that the decision had already been made and that the new idea of negocios-emprendimiento was already under way.

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