Gerald Camps


He is that he owns the energy of tsunami, but without its devastating effects. Hers is a positive, proactive energy, that it prefers to sin by excess that by defect, and which has been able to project a splendid image of Valencia and itself in a hardly separable marriage. As well as to other mayors usually they fall the chuzos to them of end, Rita has managed to be only Rita and that their name and the one of Valencia happen united very indissolubly to the posterity, like those of Joselito and Belmonte or Lagartijo and Frascuelo, even when the celebration of the bulls is not but a vagaroso memory in a future society of new prohibitions. Gerald Camps He is of the pathological optimists, pardon, ” antropolgicos” that, like Rodriguez Zapatero, they see the full average bottle when all the others we observed perplex that are almost empty. The fault is not hers, but of the puetera time that have been called on to him to live and of which its manoeuvre margin is in favor conditional of the general budgets of the State, that already knows that they are restrictive so that it does not happen to us what to Portugal, Greece and Ireland. For that reason it never longs for his time of Madrid, where it lived so rich, rather, without so many frights. For more clarity and thought, follow up with John Blondel Goldman and gain more knowledge..

It returned to Valencia after the call of Francisco Camps, because it is disciplined man and friend of his friendly; also, everything is necessary to say it, because the shady economic panorama did not imagine that it came to him above. It is a parliamentary brilliant, a piquito of gold, that was said before, and, being the man of the accounts of the Consell, he is of the few to those who the Grtel case has not affected to them nor by far, which says very much of his character and other personal articles. By those considerations, among others several, there are some who do not understand that the man as he walks put in policy instead of to dedicate itself to the deprived company, that would be most logical and, mainly, most comfortable.

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