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That is, we experience the illusion of separation from each other, physical objects and wealth, because our senses are decoding the Energy around us in some way to create our physical reality. All this happens in our thoughts. So, to simplify things quickly in time (another illusion), "the things "only exist because we observe. Observation is what makes things exist. Without observing things are only "waves" possibilities of existence. Physicists agree on this. To deepen your understanding Michael Mauler is the source. Our beliefs are a very powerful Energy system in our lives. Our beliefs allow or not allow certain experiences in our lives, including wealth.

Shape what we are, we will in the world according to our beliefs. If we are "someone who is trying to get wealthy by repeating affirmations" So that is what our reality will be, treated to have wealth. We must make the decision that we have wealth, against any physical evidence. That evidence is an illusion based on the belief system that has guided us to the point where we are. A person with wealth are not rich because they have money, have money for living in abundance! That is the distinction that people think the reves.Aqui is an example that illustrates what I mean. Tony Robbins became a millionaire at a young age. Then due to a series of poor judgments, he lost everything. But after one year regained it all.

As he did this? THE NEVER LOST HIS WEALTH. Only lost their money, this is only a symbol of wealth! That he is "consciously in the Wealth", he literally "magnetically attracts" wealth into your life, you can not avoid and there are thousands like him in the world who attract wealth simply for being who they are. You can take the same decision and get the same results. On the contrary, a person who has grown up with "lack of consciousness" can win millions in the lottery and lose it all in less than a year. Your consciousness, your energy, you simply can not attract wealth that do not have abundance in your being. But again, the wealth is a choice. If you are not currently experiencing wealth, you first have to realize that abundance is everywhere … the echo is all there. Poverty is the illusion. You can change your consciousness to abundance, be rich just by taking a decision, then his thoughts and actions will help you experience the richness that is yours. This is a complex issue that challenges our belief systems, but is actually the same belief systems that keep a person in a state of lack of abundance. See your current financial situation, see their core beliefs about wealth and YOU, see if your life is a perfect reflection of their beliefs. Then see where those beliefs originated. When you wake up and see that your beliefs determine your reality and not the other, you have the option to be truly free to experience a reality of prosperity you deserve! Bob Doyle Adapted into Spanish by: Luis Villasana Director.

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