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The giant of the Internet, Google, that already had introduced Google Voice in 2009, informed east year that the service will be available for all the users of the United States. Although the service has not changed dramatically since then, it continues being very useful for the small companies, since it can give an extra advantage them and make much more easy the life at least professional -, can if you know how to use it. When you register yourself you can choose a virtual telephone number in any code of area. You can use that number to send and to receive text messages, to record voice messages and to even receive and to realise calls through Internet, but it becomes particularly useful when they adhere to the number associated with its movable or fixed telephone. There are some characteristics that I had liked to see them, but the present set continues being impressive. Google Voice can resend the calls directed to the virtual line of its wire line, registry of voice messages and calls in both numbers, to transcribe voice messages, to share the messages of voice with other contacts, to block calls, to apply to special norms for the individual calls or groups of llamantes, to receive notifications by email of the calls and text messages and to make gratuitous and limitless calls national, and in addition called international to very accessible costs. It even allows him to listen to messages of voice in the measurement that are being recorded, being given the option him to gather if you want to speak with the person who is leaving the voice mail.

Here they are my five forms in which these characteristics can be used all so that their small company is more efficient. 1. Bucar and Priorizar its Calls The majority of the functions of Google Voice enters this category, but it considers that you must provide indeed to the contacts with his telephone number of Google Voice to be able to use them. People such as Eliot Horowitz would likely agree.

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